Uta thinking about the Future -with no Lockdowns?

I wrote some of this already on Friday, the 6th of August 2021.

While I was cooking my brunch today, I was mainly thinking about the future, when maybe I could do some travelling again. First of all, I would very much like to pay my son another visit. It would be so nice, if I could do this already some time next month!

To be honest, it does not look like travelling like this will be possible for me some time soon. Well, when then? Maybe towards the end of December? This is just a maybe. However, there is a little bit of hope. When I am in a hopeful mood, I imagine I could catch a train to Benalla, Victoria. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? I could catch the train in the Highlands at Moss Vale. Before catching the train, I might be able to spend a couple of nights in the Highlands. Maybe book a hotel somewhere and meet Gerard! Maybe I could join Gerard for his coffee mornings in Bowral. I would also like to go for a walk in the Lake Alexandra Reserve in Mittagong!


A few slow moving, contemplative walks with my rollator would really be something to be looking forward to! Besides, if I do travel to Benalla and stay there with Martin for one or two weeks, I definitely need to have my rollator with me again. Last time I did stay with Martin for two weeks, was in March this year. I was fortunate then, to have my rollator with me. And I was able to make good use of it, even though I did have an infection in my lower legs at the time.

Gerard mentioned this Lake Reserve in a few of his blogs, for instance here:


Yes, if at all possible, I would like to spend some time in the Highlands! Maybe I could choose a time for my trip when daughter Caroline and son-in-law Matthew have a little holiday again. Recently both of them had some leave. But because of the lockdowns they could not travel anywhere. However, Caroline told me, they both felt they needed some time off. And being able to spend this time together in their beautiful home was the next best thing to doing some travelling.

So, I was thinking, whenever they can travel again and also have some time off, they might perhaps want to spend some time at my place in Dapto. I think they would very much like to see all the alterations to my place, especially the beautiful deck at the back of my house! I think the last time they were able to come to my place was on the 16th of May this year celebrating Peter’s birthday in memory of him.

5 thoughts on “Uta thinking about the Future -with no Lockdowns?

  1. At the moment with both Sydney and Wollongong in lockdown no one can travel or visit anyone. It is terrible. All the public seats in parks have tape over to prevent people sitting down. Being outside the front door is only allowed for shopping and exercise. The army and police move people on and bundle you in the paddy wagon for not obeying their orders or give a fine. It sounds and feels like war.

    1. Gerard you say that no one can travel or visit anyone and that this is terrible. Yes, it is terrible. Sydney for instance seems to be getting more and more into trouble with this Delta variant of the virus. This has been going on for too long now. People in Sydney must be getting more and more restless. We here in the Wollongong area have really been quite alright so far. The problem is, that we are too close to Sydney, and there is danger that someone from the Sydney area might bring the virus near us the way it has been spreading further and further north of Sydney. It seems, you in the Highlands area have been safe so far, right? And I assume, you are not into lockdown? But it is still a bummer, for you are prevented from visiting Sydney or Wollongong! Let’s hope, that this madness is soon going to end, and please, stay safe! HUGS, Uta 🙂

      1. Gerard, I just discovered this:

        “All of regional New South Wales will be locked down from 5:00pm on Saturday.

        Key points:
        The restrictions in regional NSW has been set until 12:01pm, August 22
        The new order replaces existing rules in the region
        The AMA had earlier called for a state lockdown over fears the health system would be overwhelmed

        The lockdown will last seven days and is due to end at 12:01am on Sunday, 22 August.”

        So, this probably means, you’re going to be in lockdown too. See, what happens in one week then. Hopefully the case numbers are going to come down soon. Well, there are fears, that it is just too much for our health system . . .

  2. I think what is needed, Gerard, is that people that do not want to catch the virus go into ‘voluntary’ lockdown, meaning stay as much as possible away from people, avoid badly ventilated building if at all possible. and definitely avoid ‘crowds’ of people. People that are not prepared to do this ‘voluntarily’ must have some kind of death wish or else just cannot comprehend how infectious this Delta variant is. If someone is incapable of comprehending the nature of this virus, no police or army is going to do any good in wanting to change their behavior. It probably only makes them abuse the police and the army!
    What do you think would be the right thing to do? Just stand by and let them spread the virus in shopping centres, and maybe some public buildings and on public transport? How many people are going to end up in hospital then? After all, a lot of people just have not been able to get sufficient vaccination and may not be able to avoid getting so sick that they end up in hospital!

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