Diary: What I like to watch on Television

I used to like reading a lot of books. To my regret, with deteriorating eyesight this has become less and less. Recently I lost my strong reading glasses, However, I do get some new even stronger ones. I can pick them up tomorrow. Hopefully, having new glasses is going to encourage me, to take up some book reading again.

So, instead of reading books, I seem to have been watching quite a bit additional TV. During the week I like to watch Afternoon Briefing on the ABC News Channel, and then I switch over to ABC TV and watch Grand Designs and The DRUM.

Yesterday, Sunday, November 14, I watched a bit of Insiders and Songs of Praise and Landline and Gardening Australia, as well as Rick Stein’s Secret France.

In the evening I caught a bit of Death in Paradise and then I wanted to watch Total Control. But unfortunately I was so tired that I soon went to sleep saw not much of that program yet. I have to catch up on it sometime on IView.

I would like to read up a lot on the following items about the COP 26 Summit on Climate Change:

COP26 & Climate Change

Stories from ABC News

5 thoughts on “Diary: What I like to watch on Television

  1. I forgot to mention that I have very often ABC Radio on, either ABC Classic Music or ABC Illawarra.
    The ABC Illawarra Radio Station does bring some very good programs! 🙂
    And I always love to listen to some good Classical Music! 🙂

  2. Interesting!
    We don’t watch a lot of TV…mostly mystery who-done-it type shows from other countries.
    I listen to a lot of music…radio…while I’m working. OOH…I enjoy Classical music, too! I listen to talk radio sometimes.
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

  3. You do stay on top of current events and world issues, Uta, and for someone struggling with eyesight I think you’re very in tune! Since the pandemic changed our rhythms we gave ourselves the treat of subscribing to Acron TV through our Amazon account, and we get many of the Australian television shows. I have no idea how current some of them are, but we’ve enjoyed several. Of course, just as I write this I cannot remember even one title. LOL! But I think Agatha Raisin is one of them? Anyway, it’s fun to be introduced to shows from a more worldwide market. We watch Death in Paradise, as well. We laugh these days and say that when it comes to television we are “light weights.” I can’t take anything too intense. Living is quite enough intensity for me. 🙂

    1. Same here, Debra. I often do forget titles. I like shows with preferably no violence, but a lot of loving human relationships and a bit of humour! I too do not go for a lot of intensity. 🙂

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