What to do about Covid

The following is a copy of the last part of this article on Covid:

Civilization is now in a death dive, which it may not pull out of in time to avert collapse. Just as the first resistance to mandatory vaccination was from ambulance drivers being called to heart attacks of the just-vaccinated, it may be that Australians start to realise that we can’t live with covid when their loved ones and friends start falling beside the wayside from long-covid.

Eventually employers, if allowed to, will start discriminating against the vaccinated because these people will be taking far more sick leave than the unvaccinated, as well as being less productive due to brain fog and lethargy as a consequence of their higher rate of infection.

What To Do

  1. Stop vaccination immediately.
  2. The Australian Government should offer free, three monthly blood tests which will test for levels of the following:
  • D-dimer
  • Vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

D-dimer is a marker for thrombosis. Covid tends to cause micro-clotting in the bloodstream. The D-dimer level will indicate if the individual needs to go on a thrombolytic.

Vitamin D is strongly protective against viral replication. The vitamin D level in the blood should be around 50 ng/ml. Actually there aren’t that many people in Australia who are vitamin D deficient, but the cost/benefit of testing and supplementing is positive.

Selenium and zinc also inhibit viral replication.

The Australian government should also make up personalised capsules based on the blood test results, like a compounding chemist but on a national scale. At the moment, taking precautions against covid through supplements means taking half a dozen capsules per day which is suboptimal for compliance.

As well as vitamin D, selenium and zinc, the capsules will contain quercetin and ivermectin at the rate of 0.4 mg per kg of body weight. Amongst other things, quercetin is a zinc ionophore which increases the intracellular zinc level.

This supplementation scheme won’t wipe out covid but will significantly reduce the viral load and infectivity, in turn making eradication easier.

  1. Adopt a zero covid policy. The way to return to normal is to eliminate covid. Then we could dispense with the use of masks etc.
  2. Ensure that all the pharmaceuticals, masks and everything else necessary to the task are made in Australia.
  3. Start three institutes for studying covid and the best ways to eradicate it. If we only started one, there is the danger of it being led by a non-productive individual. Most of the chief health officers in Australia have proven themselves to be incompetent and uninquisitive, if not evil and stupid — including one that cackled on about being in ‘a new world order’. We don’t want one of those sort of people running just one institute. If we have three, we can close down one occasionally due to lack of performance and start another one.

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