Black Forest Cake

I just found these pictures from our Easter in 2013 and want to reblog them!



Finally I am able to show you our lovely Black Forest Cake that we had for Easter Sunday. Peter said this morning something about our router being quite old and the modem being even older. So he went today, bought a new modem/router, all in one, connected it and voila, now we can upload pictures again. What a relief!

So for good measure I include now some more pictures from Easter Sunday.




Little Lucas, our baby great-grandson, was allowed a taste of that delicious Black Forest Cake. He loved it and later on licked the spoon! He also loved to drink out of his bottle.



We all love little Lucas very much.





For breakfast I had hard boiled egg with a garnish of salmon.


Here are a few more of Easter Sunday’s pictures which I only just found in the files when I looked a bit more. There is a…

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5 thoughts on “Black Forest Cake

    1. Oh yes, very good to eat it with a fork! (Kuchengabel) 🙂

      This Easter, I had daughter Caroline and son-in-law Matthew with me,
      and we had fresh baked Custard Tart to eat. 🙂

      It tasted very good! 🙂

      Sorry, I have no picture of it. But it was a very good looking, large tart! 🙂

  1. You’ll find egg custard tarts in pretty much every bakery in Portugal. Pastéis de nata are beloved in Portugal the same way croissants are in France. And while tons of bakeries around the country make pastéis de nata, the original version is made at a Lisbon bakery using a 100-year-old secret recipe. It’s the only bakery where they can be called “pastéis de Belém.

    For more, visit:

    Caroline and Matthew stopped on the way to my place at a Portuguese Bakery where they bought a large, freshly baked custard tart! 🙂

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