Black Forest Cake


Finally I am able to show you our lovely Black Forest Cake that we had for Easter Sunday. Peter said this morning something about our router being quite old and the modem being even older. So he went today, bought a new modem/router, all in one, connected it and voila, now we can upload pictures again. What a relief!

So for good measure I include now some more pictures from Easter Sunday.




Little Lucas, our baby great-grandson, was allowed a taste of that delicious Black Forest Cake. He loved it and later on licked the spoon! He also loved to drink out of his bottle.



We all love little Lucas very much.





For breakfast I had hard boiled egg with a garnish of salmon.


Here are a few more of Easter Sunday’s pictures which I only just found in the files when I looked a bit more. There is a picture with Grandma Monika in the background holding little Lucas. In one of the other photos you see Ryan, the dad of Lucas. The brother of Ryan is at the table too but cannot be seen properly. Sorry, Troy, that I didn’t catch you properly.




11 thoughts on “Black Forest Cake

  1. Yummy – that looks the real McCoy! Do you have German or Austrian bakers in your neighbourhood? And what really happy family pics. So pleased for you!

  2. The cake is not from a German or Austrian baker, Catt. I’t’s from a chain store who make cheese-cakes among other things. There were two more people present, who somehow didn’t get into the picture, namely the baby’s grandma and the baby’s uncle. I am super-grandma!

    1. I agree, Robert, it would make a lovely birthday cake. You can borrow it anytime. All the best for tomorrow! I am glad I could finally upload some photos again.

  3. Those Easter Malteasers sure do look good! I wish we had them. 🙂 The Black Forest Cake looks wonderful, too. One of my favorites. I’m very happy you have a new modem and router…happy uploading! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked the picture of these Maltesers! And the Black Forest Cake! 🙂

      Oh, and this modem/router makes a great difference. I am very happy now with the uploading. 🙂

      Have a good weekend, Debra, and thanks for commenting!

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