My Diary Post from October 2021, in which I am referring to a Post by Cameron Stewart.

It would be nice, if I could get some replies to this post! Uta 🙂

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Cameron Stewart says, that the unvaccinated at some point will have to be reintegrated into mainstream life.

I am going to get my second vaccination with Astra Zeneca on Sunday, 17th of October 2021. A few days ago I turned 87. Of course, at my age, I am not free of underlying health conditions. And, of course, we have quite a few experts in Australia who could testify to this. Our decision makers in government in this country claim, that all their decisions are made on the advice of experts for the good of all Australians. So, the advice is, that just about everybody should be fully vaccinated, and that the available vaccines are totally safe. They do admit, that even if you had your two doses of vaccines and are regarded as being ‘fully’ vaccinated, you can still catch the virus in a milder form, and this is…

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One thought on “My Diary Post from October 2021, in which I am referring to a Post by Cameron Stewart.

  1. I admit, it is not easy to live completely on your own. However it does give me the chance to isolate myself from contact with other people that might be able to spread the virus. So, this is why I feel pretty comfortable existing without any further vaccinations! 🙂

    Whenever possible, I aim at staying outside in the open to meat people. 🙂

    As far as hugging is concerned, I have been taking up some hugging again with people I feel kind of close to, 🙂

    However, I keep my head way down when hugging, so as not to come to close to the other person’s breathing! 🙂

    If I had someone living with me, for instance a person who never comes into close contact with another person, I would not hesitate to establish a significant close contact with this other person! I still have a few health issues, for instance severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands! During the next few months, I am going to have Carpal
    Tunnel Relief Operations, If all goes well, by the end of September I’ll be back to normal, whatever is “normal”
    at a very advanced age. 🙂

    So, I am looking forward to the 21st of September, when God willing, I am going
    to turn to be eighty-eight! 🙂

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