A Great Week

I’ve just been reading all this again and think, it is worth reblogging.
It would be nice, if some of my followers would find it interesting too.
I did write this post nearly seven years ago. Have I changed a lot since then? Probably, for my life has changed very much since then, as some of my followers would be only too aware of. Yes, I think my life is very, very different now. But I am now more or less getting used to this different stage in my life! 🙂
So, life is a constant change. This is just what we have to learn to accept! 🙂

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Tuesday was the 21st of September, my birthday. I did not only have a Great Day, but also a great week. It reminded me of my 80th birthday in 2014, when I was celebrating for days on end.

I had another look at what I wrote in September of 2014 and 2015, and decided to reblog it, for it was very interesting for me to see all the pictures and what I wrote about my parents. So, I imagine it to be a bit interesting too for some other people to have a look at it. Anyway, I hope so! 🙂

Here is what I posted in 2015:

Last Sunday turned out to be a lovely family day at our home. It was beautiful to be surrounded by children, grand-children, and great grand-children for a few hours in the afternoon. Some almond-cake was left from Gaby’s birthday.There was…

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