Peter was in a Cancer Ward in August 2020 View all posts by auntyuta

PublishedAugust 22, 2020

14 thoughts on “Diary”

  1. freefall852 EditWishing you all the best Uta..and my regards to Peter as well..all the best..Reply
  2. lewbornmann EditOut thoughts and prayers are with you….Reply
  3. catterel EditKeeping you both in prayer, Uta. Glad you have Caroline with you. Hugs xx



  1. Oh, no.  I will keep Peter, and you, in my thoughts, prayers, and meditations, Uta.
    I want the very best for Peter…for his health and safety.
    It makes me said that you cannot be with him. 
    (((HUGS))) and  for both of you
    PS…I clicked on “like” button because that video is wonderful and made such an impression on me. My Mom lived to 97 and I will never forget so many of the things she said to me…especially in her last year of life.Reply
  2. auntyuta EditI thank everyone for all your good wishes!
    Peter is in a cancer ward now. Caroline stayed with him all day. They had to wait in Emergency until Peter could be transferred to the ward on level 7. Visiting hours are there from 11 to 1 and from 5 to 7. For each visiting time only one person is allowed to visit. That means only one person can visit in the morning and the same only one person towards nighttime. Caroline and Matthew drove me to the hospital last night. That was good that I could see him then. But both Caroline and Matthew had to stay outside waiting for me to take me back home.
    Today, Sunday, daughter Monika wants to visit her Dad at 5 pm. We have not worked out yet, who is going to visit at 11 am today! I hope Peter had a good night in hospital, for he often gets breathing difficulties during the night and has very interrupted sleep because of that. He has his mobile phone with him and can call us later. Everyone is very friendly in hospital. So Peter is well looked after.

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