A quick dollar at Australia’s peril.

Oh, Gerard, all this is endlessly upsetting!
We should really all be thinking about it where we could do better. Despite all of it, I have hope that in future Australia may be doing better. Somehow I have the feeling that a lot of changes are going to come! 🙂

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During the sixties and seventies, Australia discovered making free money by selling all our previously held government assets. Government insurances, the post and telegraph, banks, anything that could be sold, electricity, water , you name it and it would turn a dollar . And that wasn’t enough. It was followed by selling the ground underneath us. There were more riches to be made, oil, gas, iron ore, silver gold, coal uranium, titanium and now the richest of them all, lithium.

But what happened to all that money? Where is it now?

Here it is.

1 Gina Rhinehart (mining) $32.64 billion.

2Andrew Forrest (mining) $31.77 billion.

3 Clive Palmer (mining) $ 18.35 Billion.

4 Ivan Glasenberg (mining) $9,10 Billion.

With a looming economic recession rapidly coming over the horizon one wonders if all that wealth in just a few hands could have been better spent or, saved for a rainy day!…

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3 thoughts on “A quick dollar at Australia’s peril.

    1. Our lives should not totally be run by politicians. Chris, I think there are a lot of knowledgeable and influential people around that can work for drastic changes, if they get significant support from as many people as possible. 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s an excellent idea. Too many people just want to complain and give up. I like your idea of working for change.

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