September Diary 2021

So far 2 bloggers like this! It was published on my other ‘new’ site on 13 September, 2021. Apparently, we were still in lockdown then!

Uta's Site

It is early in the morning again. Maybe nobody is going to read what I write now, but I’ll spend some more time with writing anyhow, meaning, instead of lying in bed a bit longer and thinking about what I experienced during my lifetime and regretting that lying in bed and just thinking about all these things, I can never put it into writing, well, instead of just thinking about it I can get up, sit at the computer when nothing is distracting me that early in the morning, I just write about whatever comes into my head.

So, it is even a bit earlier than what it was yesterday morning, when I started writing my September Diary at 5 o’clock in the morning. So far, nobody commented on this little piece of writing. How do I know, whether it is interesting to other people or not? I just don’t…

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