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Our daughter is moving out. She is moving out for years and the process has not ended. It is a piecemeal operation by a thousand cuts. Perhaps it is a friendly departure from childhood and her parents.

The bed, disassembled, is awaiting removal and another slice of her youth will be removed. We, the parents, have to let go. Just another cut.

Over the years the view from her window has changed. Where once we could see the escarpment in the distant there is now a wall of bushes. They form a peaceful, but at the same time restrictive and protective, wall.

Two of her trusted companions of her childhood are looking on and wonder when it will be their turn to leave home and join Caroline.

Perhaps never and they will be part of our new “Quiet Room” we want to establish here. No electronics, not even music :-(…

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9 thoughts on “Moving out

      1. No the link didn’t work but Judith got me on the right path. Old or new I love your work

      2. Thank you. That’s wonderful! 🙂

        A bit further down here in the comment section there is now a link to my post from 2012.
        And I mention, that Alf and Big Bear sit on my bed now, They’re very cuddly! 🙂

  1. These pictures, Carolyn, bring back memories! 🙂

    There is a picture of Alf and Big Bear, I looked up ‘ALF’ in Wikipedia:
    The name “ALF” is short for “Alien Life Form”.

    I found, what I had published towards the end of April: 2012. In this blog there are a lot of pictures! First I write about the day we went to see Gaby. Her companion dog, called Honey, had to see the Vet on that day to get some stitches out. Then I write about Friday the following week, when we did clean out the back room, that used to be Caroline’s room.

    Towards the End of April 2012

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