Living alone can be a very lonely Thing!

This is a post that I published on the 8th of August 2021, close to 12 months ago! 🙂

After reading all this again, I think my position is more or less still the same, But I am that much older now! Yes, every year the body ages more and more rapidly!

Well, at least my body is still healthy. As long as I am still in good health, maybe it is possible to live a good life despite all the old age symptoms in the body. 🙂

I’ll try to reblog this post now in the hope, that some of my followers might feel like making a comment to this post! 🙂

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Yes, living alone can be a very lonely thing. It can happen to men as well as women. I had a very long marriage; 64 years actually! If Peter had lived longer, we would probably still be together. Everybody would think that it was the right thing, that I still lived with my husband. But, I am a widow now, and I am resigned to it, to live on my own. Another marriage relationship is out of the question, isn’t it?

How young does a woman have to be in order to still be able to think of a new relationship? I think in the past most women that were aged 50 or even 40 were regarded as being too old to be married! So, usually men around that age would have been looking for a much younger woman! Maybe this has changed a bit in modern times. These days…

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13 thoughts on “Living alone can be a very lonely Thing!


    I find the above post very interesting, especially the section that deals with “Alternatives to remarriage in later life!”:

    ” . . . an arrangement called Living Apart Together (LAT) offers an appealing alternative; it is a form of intimate ongoing companionship that allows each partner to maintain autonomy and independent households,” – Now, I must say, this makes absolute sense to me.

    Somewhere in this WikiPedia article it says, only 20% of women of an older age have the desire for a new partner. Can I still belong to these 20%? Yes, maybe for a little bit longer. If I get a chance for a new relationship, and even if most likely only for a short time due to rapidly advancing age, I don’t care: Any bit of a rather enjoyable relationship is better than none.

    I feel my looks are still okay for my age, since quite a few men seem to like to look at me with some kind of desire! 🙂

  2. Yes, Joe, thank you for the link to this video, where Peter Skellern praises the looks of a woman on a certain night. To look like this, a woman has to make an effort, right? But it is well worth it, for it may make the man feel, that he’d like to become intimate. And if the woman is free and feels the same way, Bob’s your uncle. Independent old people can really enjoy sex whenever they feel like it, for they do not have to consider anyone else. And the sexual stimulation may have some limits, but can still be very enjoyable for both of them! So, what is there to fear? I reckon, it is alright if their aim is to just enjoy a little bit of unrestricted sex play!

  3. I quite like these lyrics:
    Absence of You* (Lyrics)

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    And yet I
    Feel only the absence of you

    Out of a window on the thirtieth floor
    Central Park shines with the coming of dawn
    Through eyes rendered weary by jetlag and wine
    I turn round to find
    There’s a girl in my room
    For a moment we kiss
    But her vodka-soaked lips
    Taste only of the absence of you

    I don’t know
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    When we are apart
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    I don’t know
    What all this is for
    If you are not near to me
    And I can’t sleep
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    Exactly the size and the shape of
    The absence of you

    And all of this beauty
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  4. Aw. 😦 I imagine it is very lonely. 😦 I hope family and friends can fill the voids as they are able to do so. 🙂
    I hope you can keep as active as you’d like. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

  5. Dear Uta..I cannot solve your dilemma except to offer to you myself as a single link of affection in a chain of affection so many of your friends on this page likewise offer…we will form a chain of devotion between us to both yourself and each other with such a connecting chain through the ether…because in the end the happiness of one, like those islands in a stream, depends so much upon the happiness of all of us…….again this song..

    1. Thanks so much, dear Joe, for caring so much. 🙂

      Actually, Joe, I do not have any fear for the future. It is great, that I feel totally free, as free as never before in my life! 🙂

      My philosophy is: Que sera, sera! 🙂

      I still think a lot about why some elderly men live longer than some elderly women! 🙂

      I believe the statistics say, that anyone who does not give up on an active sexual relationship lives longer than the people who give up on any sexual stimulation in old age! 🙂

      1. I have an aunty who is nearly ninety now….she was the inspiration for my story “the seven weeping men of Sedan”…in that she once confessed to my mother that she “could keep seven men happy”….she still gets around and I believe it is because she always enjoyed a healthy sex life!….a fiesty, firey redhead in her younger days….

  6. So far I am still alive, Joe, and probably still able to enjoy a healthy sex life if I can find a willing partner for that!! 🙂
    You never know, with a bit of luck, maybe in future I’ll still be able to keep one or the other man somewhat happy! 🙂

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