September 2021 Diary

This says, how I lived during the lockdown in 2021.

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Today is Saturday. In two weeks it is going to be the first Saturday in October! First there are still a dozen days in September left.

At the beginning of November Caroline and Matthew may be able to finally visit me again! I have not seen them since the 16th of May, when we were celebrating Peter’s birthday. Four months have passed since then. For twelve weeks we have been now in lockdown. I had some renovations done to my place. These renovations started towards the end of may and were more or less finished by the time the lockdowns started towards the end of June. I am waiting now for Aaron to return to do some more work for me. Maybe some outside work is going to be allowed soon.

I have so many good memories about places that I visited together with Peter. Since Peter died nine months…

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