Uta’s September 2021 Diary

} just did notice that in September 2021, that is last year, during the lockdown, i published about four Diary Posts. This one, that I reblog now, is the first of all these Diary Posts.

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It is five o’clock in the morning. I keep telling myself, in a few weeks we are going to be in daylight saving time. If it was daylight saving already now, instead of five o’clock it would be already six o’clock! I reckon, six o’clock is a good time to start the day. So, I like pretending, that it is already six o’clock. I also like to pretend, there is somebody with me to start the day . . . .

Maybe, the best way to pretend is to be able to write. To write about how much I would like to have somebody with me continuously! Not that I do not like to do certain things on my own, like writing a bit of diary now. What I mean is, it would help enormously, if I knew there was somebody within reach at all times, and I do not…

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