Here is a diary post that I did write a bit over a year ago, when we had this long lockdown. The comments to it are interesting!



Kate is right, “there is always someone in your corner”. She says: “Go to the campfires where the loving people are.” – “Sit beside them. Link arms. Laugh until your sides hurt. Sing with them. Listen.” –

I am waiting for the time when my ‘tribe’ can come to visit and share with me the beautiful deck that very dear young Aaron has crafted at the back of my house. It is a huge deck. I imagine a lot of people can one day use it for a beautiful get-together.

Yes, I believe that these dreams of mine can one day become true. Never mind the Coronavirus with this Delta variant, which is rather scary right now. But we are going to be watchful. So, I do believe, I still have a chance of dying of ‘old age’ rather than of this infectious virus . . . .


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