The Diary of Marianne Kraft (3)

Yesterday, Marianne was overjoyed, that Jack had finally come to see her, hoping, from now on they could see each other quite regularly, since they really lived close to each other. Why should they have to restrict themselves to seeing each other only online? It just didn’t make sense to her. When she thinks about it again, she decides, it might be best, to talk to her sister about the situation the way it was now.

So, a bit later that same day, Thursday, Marianne talked to her older sister, asking her about her opinion. Well, first of all she was glad, she could talk to someone close to her about what was going on in her life with Jack. Just being able to talk about him, was enough. Helga, her sister, did not really voice an opionion, but she listened intendly to what Marianne had to say. It felt so good to Marianne, that someone was listening! That she did not have to keep everything to herself.

Marianne’s sister Helga lives in Queensland. She is 87, but still has a partner who has an apartment not far away from where Helga lives. This partner, Udo, is 72 now, and Helga has been with him for about twenty years already. She did get to know him just a couple of years after her husband had died. Helga’s children objected to Udo all the time, finding all sorts of faults with him, and telling Helga, that Udo was not good for her. But Helga stuck by him. So, by and large, the children have accepted now their mother’s relationship with Udo.

The only thing Helga was saying about Jack, was, that maybe Jack was ready now to have a longterm relationship, but not to be too disappointed, if it did not work out the way she was hoping, but to just take it, the way it comes! Above all, she should avoid being pushy about it. That means, it might pay off, to just be very patient! So, possibly not to stop loving him, no matter what. She might keep in mind, that to love him just as a friend, could probably be very rewarding too!

2 thoughts on “The Diary of Marianne Kraft (3)

  1. Yes, that could be very rewarding! And in any relationship, much love and much patience is a must! 🙂
    Good writing, Uta! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…I’m so excited with your writing and I am so proud of you that you are writing! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment, dear Carolyn. I actually just published another Diary of Marianne’s about her ideas in connection with dating. 🙂
    HUGS, Uta 🙂

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