Marianne Kraft (2)

It is true, Marianne and Jack had exchanged off and on quite a few emails to each other during the last twelve months or so. Seeing Jack in person yesterday Marianne found, thay Jack had not changed much at all from a few years ago when Marianne and Gunter had seen Jack and his wife Marie socially quite regularly. Marianne herself found of herself, that she had pobably changed quite a lot. Anyhow, Marianne was very pleased, to have been able to talk to Jack in person after so many years, and after having been receiving so many emails from him over the past twelve months. Jack does not live far away from her. So, she is wondering, does that mean now, that Jack would like to see her more often in future?

She is 81, and he is 78. The women he was dating, or having had affairs with, were usually quite a bit younger than he. However, from his recent emails to Marianne he gave the impression, that he did not seek a new relationship with a younger person. She is wondering, could she believe him? The question is, does he more or less look for a close relationship at all now? And is everything, he had said online in his emails, really true? She did not want to have doubts. But she was not so sure, whether this was right. Shouldn’t she have some doubts?

She wished there was someone, with whom she could talk about Jack. Did other people think it was possible for her to have a close relationship with Jack?

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