Finlandia – for Helvi

In memory of Helvi!
It is so good, I could find this post with a bit of googling!
Some three years ago Peter and I drove to Bowral for Helvi’s funeral. I don’t think I’ve been to Bowral ever since.
Thanks for the reblog, Therese.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I am sorry I haven’t looked here earlier… The funeral was yesterday with a celebratory meeting afterwards at our place. The house now still echoes with Helvi’s voice and Milo keeps looking at the bedroom door hoping to see Helvi come again to give him his morning pat. It is not to be anymore and now I have to keep busy and in moments of ache and pain tend to the garden of memories of which there are so many. The house is now empty of Helvi. She has gone.
It all happened so quickly but Helvi knew and wanted to come home where she died on the 29th of Oct. at 6pm.
She remembers you all and I let her know whenever I happened to visit this pub of so many years of contact. Some asked where to give donations. Here is the website;

While Helvi wasn’t given to malice or wishing ill to others, there was one item in her life that would make her angry. The treatment of the downtrodden, the mentally ill, refugees and others. She would be merciless and heap scorn on those that caused social injustices and misery to those that least deserved it. Our Sunday mornings were always special when we would settle-down on the settee in keen anticipation of the ABC’s program ‘Insiders’. A special treat at 9am.
The appearance of Morrison on the News would have her immediately break out in some very strong and unusual language. With Dutton it was worse, I needed to restrain her on the couch. She was merciless and politically astute enough to see the falsehoods, pretence and sheer humbuggery in politicians.
She was so sad that the issue of refugees in endless detention wasn’t solved. The treatment of the elderly in aged care left her speechless. ‘They would never have done that in Finland’, she often said.
Dearest Helvi, I will try and live up to your wishes but I will miss you so much. I’ll keep up your fight against injustices and I also know you want me to get over sadness and continue forward. That’s how you were. Always so positive and cheerful. Helvi, I’ll do my best to get away from myself as much as possible.
Goodbye Helvi, from Gerard, your best and lifelong friend.

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4 thoughts on “Finlandia – for Helvi

    1. Yes, Carolyn, this is what I thought. This is why I reblogged it, when I found it today.
      Apparently Gerard is usually on his own now. I would like to give him a lot of virtual hugs, and cry with him, especially when he comes across this reblog. I am sure, he’s never going to forget dear Helvi, but maybe since three years have passed, he hopefully has somewhat healed a bit by now. I know what it is like, to miss someone: Nearly two years ago, Peter passed away. We had known for quite some time, that there was no hope that he could be saved. However he was for a long time in denial, for he did not like the idea, that he had to leave me, for he knew I’d be very much on my own, when he passed. No, he did not want me to be on my own! Really, there was absolutely nothing that could be done to get rid off his bone cancer. But he did get excellent palliative care. However we never thought, that Helvi would die so very soon. This was so sad! – At the time of Helvi’s death, Peter still felt not too bad. But about 6 months later, he was riddled with that horrible bone cancer!

      1. Yes, I’m sure, too, that Gerard misses Helvi every day, as you miss Peter every day. I think of you both and I still mourn your great losses with you. 😦 ❤️❤️ 😦

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