In the Murray Mallee country…

I love this story that is set in the Murray Mallee country!


Twelve Caesars..

Book one…”Christopher Corridini”


In the Murray Mallee country. . .

I did a lot of work out in the Murray Mallee job we built a house out around Sandalwood ways, on a bit from Borrika…that’s the name of the location, not talking about the tree..though it stands to reason there may have been a lot of those type of trees there…but we built this most beautiful log-cabin place there on a farm..It was on stumps about two foot off the ground ..Australiana style with wide verandah with decking all around the house.. and over it there hung two tall mallee trees kind of embracing the whole house and making a picture of it all..and it was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen…But it didn’t end well for the husband and wife there..He was a dominating sort of chap, who worked in the…

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