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Frans Vandenbosch has actually lived in China for many years and studies their culture. His view of China is very different from the way our media describes China! He reckons our media is totally ignorant about what China is really like. In his opinion and what he observed about the political system in China, he comes to the conclusion, that it is more democratic than our Western democracies!


Dec 2, 2022Ignorance is the root of fear, and fear of China has been raised to a fever pitch in recent years by forces that wish to induce a mis-educated western audience to acquiesce to 1) a new clash of civilizations while 2) shutting the door on what may possibly be the last real opportunity to break the system of hereditary power for many generations yet to come. On Sunday Nov. 27 at 2pm Eastern Time, the Rising Tide Foundation hosted professor Frans Vandenbosch who shed light on the real China and its political system.

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    Frans Vandenbosch, Chinese name 方腾波, is a Fleming who lived in China for many years. Previously, before moving to China, he has crossed all of China and visited more than 50 large and small towns and cities throughout the country.
    During his professional activities in China, he supported companies in the automotive, medical, electronics and plastics processing sectors.
    He spent some time as a guest teacher at Qingdao University and was the keynote speaker at conferences for Chinese entrepreneurs and gave interviews for Chinese business magazines.
    As Technology Director at TGI, he has led the styling, design and engineering of new Chinese cars.

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    Striking similarities between Flanders and China

    2022-06-29 412 1 Comment

    Abstract:Flanders all the time got a lot of renegades, turncoats or “Beulemansen”, people who despise their own Flemish culture and language for a few bucks. China still today is facing so called “dissidents”, people bought by foreign intelligence services to spread made-up narratives in te western media.

    Population majority
    1a Flanders has a 65% population majority in belgium.
    2a China has 1.4 billion people, more than the US and Europe combined.

    Historical repression
    3a Flanders and the Flemish language were suppressed during the past centuries.
    4a China has undergone a century of humiliation (1839 – 1949)

    Humble, modest
    5a Flemings are humble, they’re not good in marketing. There’s no power elite in Flanders.
    6a Chinese, with Confucianism in all their veins, are incredibly humble. They 忍悲强笑 bear sadness and humiliation with a forced smile.

    Honest, straightforward
    7a Flemings are in their economic and political relationships more straightforward and uncomplicated.
    8a Chinese are straightforward and uncomplicated and transparent in their intentions, also in economic, personal and political negotiations.

    STEM graduates, engineering spirit
    9a Flanders, at the end of the last millennium, put high emphasis on the development of education in science, technology and engineering
    10a China is the country of choice for engineers. The whole country, the economy as well as the political system, is managed by engineers.

    Educated, knowledgeable
    11a Traditionally, the Flemish education system used to be in the top 5 of the PISA tests. The Flemish government spends 27% of the budget on education.
    12a China got the highest scores in the 2019 PISA tests, in mathematics, science and reading skills.

    13a Until 4 generations ago, Flemish people were very poor. Out of poverty, many families emigrated to Canada, South Africa or Australia.
    14a China was a poor and underdeveloped country until the opening-up in 1978.

    Economy expanding
    15a “Flanders’ economy is very modern and steadily growing.
    Flanders is making 84% of the total belgian GDP”
    16a “China’s economy is making 22.1% of the global GDP.
    In 2021, China’s economy will grow with 9.2%”

    Right wing
    17a “In Flanders, a large majority is right wing conservative.
    The Nationalist centre and right wing parties are growing.”
    18a “In China, with the ruling Communist Party, de facto politics is right wing or even extreme right. In international relations, China is close friends with Daniel Ortega, Viktor Orbán, Matteo Salvini, …
    China is Meritocratic, Confucianist, family-oriented, stimulating interpersonal competition and responsibility, has a very strict immigration and closed borders policy, …”

    Free trade and entrepreneurship
    19a In Flanders, there’s a spirit of free trade, support for SME’s, reasonable social relationships.
    20a In China, there is high emphasis on global Free Trade. In China, competition between SME’s is harsh but fair.

    Renegades, turncoats, rats, beulemansen
    21a Flanders all the time got a lot of renegades, turncoats or “Beulemansen”, people who despise their own Flemish culture and language for a few bucks.
    22a China still today is facing so called “dissidents”, people bought by foreign intelligence services to spread made-up narratives in the western media.

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