December Diary

It was quite interesting for me, to have another look at this post from December 2017, And now we have December 2022. Time flies! 🙂


Only one more week to Christmas!

Two more weeks to the year’s end!

So very soon a New Year, namely 2019, is going to begin.

I still have a lot of memories how last year ended.

The above post from December 2017 brings back memories what our place looked like one year ago. I find it is interesting to compare last year’s pictures with this year’s December pictures! did-on-the-day- of- the epiphanie

On Saturday, the 23rd of December 2017, we went with son Martin to Berry for morning coffee, then to Kiama for an early fish and chips lunch, and later to Shellharbour for ice-cream. After we have had our delicious ice-cream, Martin drove us to the Beach Farm with is now a beautiful public area  close by the sea.

Our Christmas Season started with Sunday, the 24th of December, when the family gathered at our place for…

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