John Mearsheimer: The West is playing Russian roulette

This shows how great the threat of nuclear war is!

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John Mearsheimer: The West is playing Russian roulette

Nov 30, 2022 #JohnMearsheimer#UnHerd#UkraineWarFreddie Sayers meets political scientist John Mearsheimer, the world-famous proponent of realism in international relations. Recorded in London on Monday 28th November 2022

00:0000:47 – Introduction 00:4705:28 – John Mearsheimer’s view of how the West forced Russia into its current position. 05:2809:37 – What is the difference between a realist and a realistic view of the war? 09:3714:27 – At what point would the West resist Russian aggression? 14:2721:41 – What is the most likely outcome of the Ukraine War? 21:4128:07 – What would happen if Putin used nuclear weapons? 28:0733:47 – How has the UK responded to the crisis? 33:4738:51 – How does the Monroe Doctrine apply to the U.S? 38:5146:02 – Russia’s invasion in February 46:02

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