Frankincense’s Monster*

I love incense!

Sundry Times Too

Will someone please teach Simba the benefits of deferred gratification! I’ve got a blog to write.

Instead, we have deferred writing.

Worship. What is God worth to us? One way is shown in the words we sing and say to praise God. Prayers of thanksgving and proclaiming to each other and the world, “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good,” are also worship. Which is all very well. Worship is the “chief end of Man” as the old saying goes. When we arrive in heaven it should be our lot to “enjoy God for ever”.

But if I want to show what someone or something is worth, I do not just say so. I treat them and their property with respect. I act with kindness towards their family and take seriously what they take seriously. That is the true aroma of worship.

Frankincense is used…

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