Going to bed.

This is one of Gerard’s posts from 2014, that is nearly nine years ago!

Gerard, both Peter and I liked your posts very much. I still like, what you’re writing. 🙂

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The night-nurse The night-nurse
If getting up is hard, going to bed isn’t much easier. There’s always that last sip of wine to finish, or more likely, the dishes are waiting! It’s so depressing getting up early facing a sink-full of cold dirty used dish-water with odds and ends of onions or cabbage floating around and spoons and forks barely visible at the bottom.

We have given up on the dishwasher. Bending down loading and picking up dishes is more work than just washing it all by hand. Apart from the work, the machine has to go through a noisy cycle with washing, rinsing and then drying, it’s another one of those electric things which hasn’t really put more time in my pocket. Of course, at our age, time is not so much of the essence anymore. When families were large with lots of kids, that’s when a dishwasher could be handy…

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