A Reflection from February 3rd, 2021

I am so happy to have a son like Martin! 🙂 Next April he’s going to be 63.
My daughter Monika turned 64 on the 5th of December. 🙂

And my daughter Caroline turned 44 just four days after Monika’s birthday. 🙂

When Caroline was born, I was already 44! 🙂


 auntyuta  DiaryLife in AustraliaOld Age  February 3, 2021 1 Minute

Right now, at 4 am, I feel like I want to do a bit of reflecting. I must say, that yesterday, throughout the day, I became somewhat anxious. Then everything changed just by making time for a game of Scrabble with Martin. This game was something we could both enjoy a lot.

It is great to have my son Martin here for a few days. I better refrain from thinking that I may be running out of time. Why not just enjoy every moment the way it is? And enjoying having Millie, Martin’s cute dog, around!

I feel, waking up early this morning was a blessing. It helped me to reflect on my present situation. Indeed, it seems to help me to get rid of diverse anxieties. I can only say: How good is it…

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