Flash : new Russian strategic strikes in Ukraine

This looks interesting to me!

Nicolas Cinquini

beyond the meat grinder for the Atlanticist cannon fodder in Bakhmut


According to Wagner PMC, no less than 27 Ukrainian brigades are involved at several echelons in the defense of Bakhmut, are regularly rotating on first line and replenished with fresh cannon fodder after huge casualties

On December 29, 2022, a new Russian air offensive strikes all over Ukraine, 69 cruise missiles, according to the Ukrainian authorities, against the usual strategic targets and also air defense systems, according to witnesses on the ground. In Ukraine far west, the mayor of Lviv states in the afternoon that 90% of the city is without electricity

The Atlanticist authorities claim that a Russian missile has hit a house in Ivano Frankivsk, more than 500 km from the sea or the Russian lines. But the photos are showing once more the debris of a specific surface to air missile. Its range…

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