My first two Grandsons

My daughter Monika’s twin sons were born on the 27th of June 1979.

My daughter Caroline was born on the 11th of December 1978! 🙂

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Twin's Birthday 2011
And this is Ryan with Grandma
And this is Ryan with Grandma

These pictures were taken on the twins birthday in June of 2011.

Two months ago I published the above pics and in one reply to a comment I said these grandsons looked like little angels when they were kids. And Munira said that she can’t imagine them as kids. Ha, ha! So I replied:

“All right, Munira, as soon as I can scan pics again, I’ll show you how they looked when they were little! The twin’s birthday pics were taken just a few days before I started blogging. My profile pic that I still use, was cropped from that birthday pic where you can see me with Troy.”

Well, their birthday is coming up next week. So here I am publishing what they looked like as kids.
I went through all our photo albums this morning and unfortunately I could not find this special picture of the twins where they really look like little angels.

It’s very frustrating after looking for hours for one particular picture it still is nowhere to be found!
We just have too many pictures. Well, the pictures of the twins that I can publish today are all more than thirty years old or at least close to thirty years. The twins are going to be thirty-four years old in one week. When they were kids they were often together with our daughter Caroline. So Caroline is in these pictures here too. The boys loved to call her “aunty Caroline” just for fun. But she really is their aunty. Unbelievable! Sometimes people thought the three of them were triplets. However we had to explain then that Caroline is more than six months older.

T one
T three
T four

I love to look at these pictures of my twin-grandsons. 


Their heritage is half German and half Ukrainian! 


6 thoughts on “My first two Grandsons

  1. Gee, to think in six months they’re going to be 44! 🙂

    Ryan with his wife Ebony and their children Lucas (10) and Alexander (8) are going to join us at the German Club on New Year’s Eve for an early dinner.

    I’ll go to that dinner with daughter Monika and her partner Mark Penfold. I don’t know, whether Monika’s daughter Natasha is coming too.

    So, only one more day: New Year’s Eve is tomorrow!! 🙂


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