December Diary from 2016


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December Days with Martin

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As I said we spent some time with Martin in Melbourne. But Martin also spent some time with us in Dapto. He arrived at our place right on time for our wedding anniversary. Christmas Eve we spent with him and Caroline and Matthew at the place of Monika and Mark.


Monika as well as Roxy with one month old Baby Carter came to see us for afternoon coffee the day of our wedding anniversary. Caroline and Matthew had moved to suitable accommodation in inner Sydney the weekend before, but were back in time for the anniversary.

We were only ten people at our Anniversary Lunch in Wollongong (including Baby Carter).  Some working people in our family were glad when we suggested instead of taking time of work for the anniversary lunch, we could all together have some anniversary celebrations on Christmas Eve.  Monika and Mark were happy to have these celebrations at the back of their house.

Usually the whole family would turn up at our place for Christmas Eve celebrations. This had always been the tradition in our family. In a way I was glad, that we did not have to have it this time at our place. It was the first year that we also did not bother to have a Christmas tree.

This is the sort of health food that Caroline likes to prepare
We did this Berlin Puzzle with Martin

Martin travelled with Peter and me to Melbourne. We left very early in the morning of the 27th of December. Peter drove up Macquarie Pass. (He knows this Pass very well!) After a stop at Moss Vale, Martin took over the driving. It was very good that Martin could take over a lot of the driving to Melbourne, but Peter drove part of the way too.

Matthew bought this Cognac. I quite liked a little bit of it.
I am holding Baby Carter in Wollongong Hospital the day after he was born. He was born on the 21st of November 2016.

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