The Battle for the Mind: How to Exit an Artificial Reality (Cynthia Chung RTF Lecture)

3,213 views Dec 20, 2022“The mind is its own place and, in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.” -John Milton, Paradise Lost It has long been understood that the minds of the people is the principled battleground for controlling (or liberating) humanity from the influences of ignorance, fear and delusion. During the past two years, many citizens have found themselves waking up to a very different “reality” than the long dream once popularly believed to be our world. While this emergence from a living dream has created beautiful potentials for creative solutions to extinguishing fires long ignored, there is still broad confusion about the mental landscape shaping our world. In this Rising Tide Foundation lecture, Cynthia Chung sheds light on some extremely important aspects to this domain of cultural warfare and psychology with a class entitled ‘Gaslighting: The Psychology of Shaping Another’s Reality or How Mass Perception is Manufactured’ at 2pm Eastern Time. Support the RTF in the following ways: 1) Make a donation to the Rising Tide Foundation 2) Subscribe to Matt and Cynthia’s Substack 3) Buy some books! 4) Subscribe to our Telegram Channels


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4 thoughts on “The Battle for the Mind: How to Exit an Artificial Reality (Cynthia Chung RTF Lecture)

  1. For quite sometime, I’ve been aware of the fact that organizations do well when they control the thinking of enough people. If governments, religious organizations, etc. can control the thinking of enough people, they’re sitting pretty. Ignorance can be converted into a very powerful tool.

  2. Some useful Links here Uta… May we all begin to realise how Mind is manipulated and begin to discern for ourselves the Truth and do our own researching and use our own critical thinking for ourselves, instead of believing everything the msm says.. Best wishes Uta… ❤

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