The End is Nigh

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That is interesting, 47 Responses!!

The original blog was posted on September 6, 2013 by Gerard Oosterman

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Hermitage_from_insideThe End is Nigh,

It is all so quickly over. It seemed like yesterday watching mum soaking the split peas over the (single) granite sink back in the forties. Yet, thinking of the timespan between dinosaur and IPad, a couple of mere Nano- seconds later in our universe’s evolution, it is almost over. Well, give another ten years, or more, or less.

I was hardly over my Vitrectomy getting used to endless eye drops when I reached a new stage in my own evolution. I fell over. This is a new stage I seem to have arrived at.

One of the things in growing more mature is that sleep will become more evasive. I used the word ‘more mature’ for others and not in my case. I have reversed in most of my tepid evolutionary efforts and am surprised I can still walk the talk.

We have an unwritten conjugal…

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2 thoughts on “The End is Nigh

  1. Here some examples of some of the responses:

    auntyuta Says:
    September 7, 2013 at 8:18 am | Reply
    This is a lovely subject you brought up here, Gerard. First of all I want to wish you and Helvi at least ten more lovely years of togetherness! 🙂 I tend to wish this for Peter and me as well! 🙂
    And I can tell you that our sleeping patterns are usually rather dissimilar. Peter doesn’t like me getting up very early in the morning. And I often cannot sleep past 4 or 5am! But at night-time, I often fall asleep long before Peter puts his book away, he happens to be reading so that he can go to sleep.
    Snoring, would this be a form of sleep apnoea? If it worries you, I think you can get treatment for it! I used to sometimes snore a bit. When this happened, Peter would wake me by giving me a huge push, which I greatly disliked. I ask myself, if my snoring disturbed him, why on earth couldn’t he retreat to the spare room? His hearing is so bad, I think in the other room he would not have been able to hear it. Ah well, luckily I don’t snore anymore. At least Peter doesn’t complain about it any more.
    When I have to visit the bathroom during the night, I tend to switch my bedside light on. If it wakes Peter, too bad. I do not want to have a fall in the dark of the night! In the past I often tapped around in the dark and had some near falls. A bit of light helps a lot in overcoming some dizziness!

    Liked by Uta

    gerard oosterman Says:
    September 7, 2013 at 10:19 am | Reply
    Many years for you and Peter too and may those years be as gentle and colourful as the nodding daffodils in our garden.

    I or Helvi don’t always snore and the help available is worse than the cure. Some kind of device that gives oxygen through your nose and it prevents you from turning over. My brother tried this at some expense and it was easier just to sleep in a different room.
    The best is to get up and warm some milk and honey or… go to another room. I am deaf in both ears so, snoring does have to be very loud to keep me awake.
    When H snores I often feel happy that at least she is sleeping.
    Odd that sleep becomes sometimes so elusive. There are so many events one has experienced during life that I tend to mull over during the night, and that is not helpful. Is it?

    Liked by Uta

    berlioz1935 Says:
    September 7, 2013 at 11:00 pm | Reply
    You are writing very amusingly about a serious problem, dear Gerard. The devise you are talking about is not so much to give you a good night’s sleep but mainly to stop you from dying a hundred times a night. The danger is, that one of the deaths could be the last. Cocoa or hot milk might relax you but will not cure sleep apnoea.

    Liked by Uta

    gerard oosterman Says:
    September 8, 2013 at 12:29 am
    Yes, Peter. You are right and it is serious. My brother hired one of those machines that controls snoring but his wife felt sorry for him. He could not turn around because of the attachments to his face.
    He gave up and gone back to normal sleeping which includes bouts of snoring.
    While death is not to be sneered at, a consolation might be that afterwards one is not in a position to look back and think; gee it would be nice to have another latte at the Berlin Café or a pizza from the Parthenon. 😉

    All this was written nearly ten years ago!!

  2. This is interesting: Gerard did get 47 responses to his post ten years ago! 🙂

    When I came across it again just now after ten years have elapsed. I did find it very interesting, what went on so long ago. So I reblogged it with some of the responses. 🙂

    So far I did get not one response to this reblog, or to any of the responses by me, Gerard, and Peter! 🙂

    Gerard mentioned dear Helvi a lot too in this post! Also what he mentioned about his brother and the brother’s wife is quite significant too! 🙂

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