Our Morning Walk

I published this post more than three years ago, when I was already 85. 🙂




4. What goals did you accomplish in 2019 that you’re proud of? How will your achievement continue to benefit you or others in the future?

I am elderly, this is why I walk with the help of a walking stick. In the morning, after a bit of stretching, I manage quite regularly to go out for a little walk. Peter, my husband, does the same. He can still walk twice as fast. So he walks ahead. He walksa bit further than I do. I usally walk to a section of some trees that I love. Near these trees I often wait for Peter and he meets me then on his return from his walk.  We talk for a few moments. Then he walks on along the footpath back home, while I walk back home along a grassy area. I love to walk along there in the early morning sun…

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One thought on “Our Morning Walk

  1. ‘When I walk across the grass, the walk is shorter, and I can beat Peter, who walks
    along the footpath !
    So, I wait for Peter at the other end, and he is happy to see me waiting for him, and he stops for a moment to talk to me! 🙂
    Sometimes I meet some of my neighbours in the park during my early morning walks, and they also stop and talk to me for a bit.’
    Also, it often happens, that people with dogs stop for a moment to talk to me!

    Some of this I wrote in December 2019. Peter was only about 84 and 1/2 then.

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