The Guardian, Friday 22 February 2019

I am very glad that this independent newspaper, The Guardian, is still around. Just by looking at the headlines I am satisfied they report on all the inportant issues in Australia. There is a lot going on in politics here in Australia right now. Maybe you want to check ot a few things by going to the above link!

I find it interesting for instance that Catherine Murphy says that Julie Bishop had a career playing second fiddle to men. Well, she did go far, didn’t she, but not quite to the top. So far we have not had yet a female Liberal Prime Minister. In the Liberal Party the struggle for the top job is enormous. Prime Ministers change frequently. But it is not much better in the Labor Party.

These items on the front page I find also interesting: An article about bank victims, about health expenses on Manus Island, about the company Helloworld and about coal bans by the Chinese.

Wednesday, 20 February,2019: The moving of a motion in the Australian Parliament on this day




I think  Jim Chalmers, being only forty years and a very impressive speaker, might become quite an asset for the Labor Party in the Australian Parliament. You can have a look here about the two books he has written so far:


Thirty Years ago


These pictures are from the RBTU Holiday Park.


In 1989 my brother Peter Uwe came  to visit us. He stayed with us for a few weeks. Unfortunately it rained most of the time while he stayed with us at Oak Flats. Only during our one weeks stay with him at Sussex Inlet we had beautiful sunshine. Looking at this blog about Sussex Inlet brings back memories. Here is the link to the blog about Sussex Inlet in April of 1989:

My, my, my, this was nearly thirty years ago!


Soon after waking up in the morning Caroline, Troy and Ryan go outside to greet a kangaroo.


Caroline with her Dad

Ryan and his boat