Travelling back to Australia

From Singapore on we had been flying Qantas. This was a really great experience. Also, Singapore turned out to be a lovely break for our transfer to our flight home. First of all, after having landed in Singapore I needed quite a bit of recovery from that 13 hour flight from Frankfurt. I must have been very dehydrated, for within half an hour or so I consumed a lot of water. The water and some rest in pleasantly warm surroundings soon made me feel on top of the world.

In Frankfurt the airport staff looked after us very well. Since it is a vast airport and we oldies had very limited time to catch our connecting flight, we had asked to be driven to our point of departure, just to make sure that we would not miss our flight. This worked out very well. A very nice young lady drove us in that airport buggy car over vast distances and through secret passage ways all the way to where we had to go. Our son Martin was allowed to join us on that buggy car.
So this went very well.

Unfortunately we had not managed to acquire seats next to our son Martin: At Berlin Tegel Airport we had  found out that three connecting seats were not available anymore. Even to get two connecting seats was a bit of a problem. Peter and I ended up having two seats in a middle row. Peter had a lady to his right, I had a young Asian student on my left. We think these days it is not a good idea to book seats at the counter when checking in because most people do book online. By the time one gets to the check-in counter, one has to put put up with whatever seating is still left.

Martin got off the plane with us in Singapore. He went on to Melbourne soon after our Qantas plane had left for Sydney. But first we could spend a few hours together with Martin.

Martin posing for a photo in the outside garden area of Singapore Airport Evening of 1st of July 2016
Martin posing for a photo in the outside garden area of Singapore Airport
Evening of 1st of July 2016
Here I am with Martin in a lounge of Singapore Airport after I had hydrated myself sufficiently with some water.
Here I am with Martin in a lounge of Singapore Airport after I had hydrated myself sufficiently with some water.
Here is Peter with Martin at Singapore Airport on Friday evening, 1st of July 2016 n
Here is Peter with Martin at Singapore Airport on Friday evening, 1st of July 2016

Martin in the middle about to disembark after we landed in Singapore.
Martin in the middle about to disembark after we landed in Singapore.
Martin had been sitting a few rows in front of us.
Martin had been sitting a few rows in front of us.

We had left Frankfurt on Thursday, 30th of June, late at night. We were given an evening meal and then the lights were switched off. Everyone went to sleep, including me, for I was very, very tired. I noticed that the air-conditioning was blowing quite a bit, however there were only light switches, nothing to turn off any vents. I wore my thick winter jacket which I had with me, for I knew it would be cold when grtting off the plane in Sydney. Peter ware his thick jumper. We used the thin cotton blankets that were provided. Being so tired, Peter and I slept soundly for a few hours despite the cold air. However when we woke up, we were both frozen stiff. Peter said, the plane felt like an ice-box. I don’t know for how many hours the lights were still switched off with every one was being asleep. I think it was about two hours before landing time, when finally there were lights and some movement started. We were offered very cold orange juice. Feeling so very cold and starting to shiver,  I asked for some hot tea instead. Alas, tea was not ready yet, but the kind hostess offered to get me some hot water to drink, asking me with concern in her voice whether I felt all right. I assured her, that I was all right, that I just felt very cold.


Before and after the Fall of the Wall (Memories)


Sunday, the 16th of September, 2012.

On that day we were travelling by public transport to Borgsdorf visiting Ingrid and Erhard at their summer place. Ingrid is related to Peter’s family. Over the years we were always happy to visit Ingrid and Erhard whenever we happened to be in Berlin. On the phone Ingrid wanted to make sure we would come on Sunday. When I mentioned I still had a bit of a cold she said, not to worry, it was going to be a lovely, sunny day. I could just sit outside in the sun and this would do me good. I didn’t have to do anything. She was going to cook lunch for us, she said.

She did serve us a wonderful lunch. She loves to cook with healthy ingredients and lots of herbs and vegetables from her garden. I really felt all right sitting in the autumn sun for hours and hours, being served a lovely meal and later on coffee and cakes. Before the coffee break we all went for a walk to the close by river. Borgsdorf is a very secluded little village. In people’s gardens we could see fruit trees with hundreds of red apples on them.

This is an extract from a blog I wrote after our visit to Berlin in 2012:


My brother Peter Uwe had dropped us off at Berlin Tegel Airport. It was already afternoon, so he wanted to drive back straight away to his place in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, where we had stayed with him and Astrid for the last few days of our holiday.

We checked in and then had plenty of time to have a drink with the six family members  who had come to see us off:
Peter’s cousin Ingrid, Peter’s nephew Daniel, Peter’s sister Ilse, and all their partners, all had come to farewell us.

It turned out, the flight to Amsterdam was delayed. Because of this,  we got into trouble with our connecting flight in Amsterdam. We had in Amsterdam actually less than one hour to get to our connecting flight. When I pointed this out to a cabin crew member he inquired about my age and whether I could walk all right. I told him I couldn’t walk as fast as younger people. Voila, a drive on a buggy was arranged for Peter and me.

Being driven through the immense airport with passengers roaming about and making way for the buggy, we felt like in a movie. It was a long, long drive to the departure point for our connecting flight. I doubt I could have made it in time by walking. We were extremely grateful for the lift and were able to board on time on the long stretch to Kuala Lumpur.

At Kuala Lumpur Airport we had a seven hour rest. From there we took off  on a seven hour flight to Sydney.  The longest non-stop stretch was from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, namely eleven hours! During this long flight Peter got sick. After that he had hardly anything to eat anymore.

I got distracted again. Searching for some pictures of Ingrid and Erhard,  I finally found the departure pictures that Peter took at Berlin Tegel Airport. You can look at them here:


All the above happened in 2012. The wall had come down already in 1989. We were still thinking about it and all the changes it had brought. Berlin was an undivided city again, East- and West-Germany were one country. But we could still remember what it was like before the Fall of the Wall.


I wrote the following on the 19th of November 2012:

Peter and I  landed safely back in Australia. Yesterday morning our daughter Caroline picked us up from Sydney airport and drove us to our home (100 km south of Sydney). So we’ve been back home now for nearly thirty hours and are gradually getting rid of our jet legs. Everything is fine at our place. Our lovely daughter is going to stay with us till tomorrow (Tuesday).

Six people had come to Berlin Tegel airport on Friday to see us off. We found the perfect place to have a drink with them. This was very relaxing for us. We knew already that our plane to Amsterdam was going to leave somewhat later than originally planned. My brother had driven us to the airport from his place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. He had only dropped us off,  for he wanted to  be  back home before it got too dark.

In Amsterdam we had scarce time to catch the connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur. We made sure we’d get some help by the airport people. Just as well! It turned out we had to go  right to the other end of the airport. This would have meant a tremendous walk for us. We were very grateful for being driven to our departure point. I doubt that we could have made it on time by walking.

In Kuala Lumpur we had close to seven hours to catch our Malaysian connecting flight to Sydney. This meant we had no problem with being on time for boarding at the departure gate. It also gave us the opportunity to stretch our legs a bit and then take a break in a beautifully furnished cafe with French songs playing in the background. The toilet facilities were also very welcome. We couldn’t take a walk through the airport’s beautiful open air jungle walk since it was closed for renovations. What a pity!

Near our departure gate we found some stretch-out chairs.  To be able to stretch out on these chairs we welcomed very much.

Some pictures of these stretch out chairs you can actually find in this blog:

I wrote in this blog further on:

We were grateful for the long break at Kuala Lumpur Airport. It gave us ample time to recover a bit from the previous eleven hour non-stop flight. In Kuala Lumpur Peter even enjoyed the coffee and cake we had at one of the airport’s coffee-shops. At some other establishment we had a large glass of iced Chi tea. This tasted very good and was very refreshing. On the next seven hour stretch  to Sydney Peter refused food again. However he had lots of drinks all the time: Mainly water, but also some juice and coffee. He just didn’t feel like eating.


My main purpose of looking up all these posts was actually that I wanted to be reminded what experiences we had on previous visits to Berlin when the city was divided by that Wall. There was a lot of confusion going on about currencies in East and West, lifestyle changes dividing East and West, crippling shortages in the East. a lot of spying going on in the East, West-Berliners making nasty remarks about the “poor” East-Berliners and so on.

And after the Fall of the Wall? To this day these parts of Germany that had previously been GDR territory are still a bit less prosperous than their cousins in the other parts of Germany. Yes, it is one country again, but you do find differences. People in the East seem to be somewhat different from people in the West. The unemployment rate is much higher in the eastern parts of Germany. West-German companies seem to prefer to go to a neighbouring Eastern country where they can pay lower wages.

For some time low cost housing was available in East-Germany. In areas where there is work or tourism, housing prices are on the up. In some remote areas, where there is no work, low cost housing is of no use to the people. It is unbelievable, but people who cannot afford any more to pay for housing and live on the streets for most of the year, these people are on the increase, while other people gentrify their places, and they invest in places they can let for more and more rent. How about this attitude that “the Market” regulates all?






Five iCloud Pictures

Lookout from Bulli Tops
Lookout from Bulli Tops

In my previous post I mentioned the Concordia Club at Tempe and that we had a family lunch there. I could actually not publish any lunch photos for I completely forgot to take a few pictures of our food. But I was thrilled to get such beautiful pictures of little Lucas running around on the lawn in front of the club with a few older boys who look like they are very much enjoying watching this cute little boy running around and picking up their ball.

Lucas did get a bit tired after lunch. Ryan and family had their own transport and went home soon after lunch with Lucas probably falling asleep in the car! They gave Monika’s daughter Kristal a lift too. Martin and S had been in Sydney only for the weekend. Mark and Monika gave them a lift to the airport in the early afternoon so they could catch their flight back to Melbourne.

When Mark and Monika came back from the airport they gave us a lift home. Mark was the driver. Near Bulli Tops he asked us would we like him to stop for an ice-cream. It turned out they had delicious ice-cream at Bulli Tops. We all enjoyed it very much. Plus we had a terrific look down the escarpment towards the Pacific Ocean. Peter thought of taking some iCloud pictures. I am happy to publish them now.


Here I am with daughter Monika.
Here I am with daughter Monika.





Earlier on while we were waiting at the Concordia Club for Mark and Monika to return from the airport, Caroline and Matthew were still with us. A very friendly young fellow sat with us at our table outside. During the conversation we found out that his sister is married to a German and lives in Berlin where he has been visiting twice. He said that he liked Berlin very much. We told him about our connection with Berlin. And so it went. He then offered to take some pictures of the four of us. Here they are: