Five iCloud Pictures

Lookout from Bulli Tops
Lookout from Bulli Tops

In my previous post I mentioned the Concordia Club at Tempe and that we had a family lunch there. I could actually not publish any lunch photos for I completely forgot to take a few pictures of our food. But I was thrilled to get such beautiful pictures of little Lucas running around on the lawn in front of the club with a few older boys who look like they are very much enjoying watching this cute little boy running around and picking up their ball.

Lucas did get a bit tired after lunch. Ryan and family had their own transport and went home soon after lunch with Lucas probably falling asleep in the car! They gave Monika’s daughter Kristal a lift too. Martin and S had been in Sydney only for the weekend. Mark and Monika gave them a lift to the airport in the early afternoon so they could catch their flight back to Melbourne.

When Mark and Monika came back from the airport they gave us a lift home. Mark was the driver. Near Bulli Tops he asked us would we like him to stop for an ice-cream. It turned out they had delicious ice-cream at Bulli Tops. We all enjoyed it very much. Plus we had a terrific look down the escarpment towards the Pacific Ocean. Peter thought of taking some iCloud pictures. I am happy to publish them now.


Here I am with daughter Monika.
Here I am with daughter Monika.





Earlier on while we were waiting at the Concordia Club for Mark and Monika to return from the airport, Caroline and Matthew were still with us. A very friendly young fellow sat with us at our table outside. During the conversation we found out that his sister is married to a German and lives in Berlin where he has been visiting twice. He said that he liked Berlin very much. We told him about our connection with Berlin. And so it went. He then offered to take some pictures of the four of us. Here they are:






2 thoughts on “Five iCloud Pictures

  1. A beautiful coincidence Auntyuta, meeting up with that young fellow with German connection.
    By the look of the pictures, it was a great time out.
    Regards to you both.
    Ian and Ana

  2. It was a good weekend for us, Ian. On Saturday we met some very good friends, also in Sydney. This guy who talked to us on Sunday was a fair dinkum Aussie. He told us he went to see his sister and German brother-in-law when he was 26. He is now 38. Very recently he did this trip again and absolutely enjoyed staying in Berlin.
    As you may remember Peter and I went to Berlin in 2010 and then again in 2012. Both times we became very aware that especially younger people from a lot of different nations very much enjoy staying in Berlin. It has become a very vibrant city after the Fall of the Wall. Young people love it because there is a lot activity going on in this city. Living there is still a lot cheaper than living for instance in Munich or London where real estate has skyrocketed.
    In the 1990s property prices in the former ‘Ost-Sector’ of Berlin were rather low.
    They are still comparatively low, but not quite as low any more.
    Regards to you and Ana,
    Best Wishes,
    Uta and Peter

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