Last Saturday in May 2018

Today, on the 26th of May, we spend the afternoon with two of our friends in the Dapto Leagues Club after having had Lunch with them at the club’s Treasure Court Restaurant.

After lunch we had afternoon coffee and cake and a glass of wine. Both Peter and friend Klaus had had their birthday this month. Being club members, they had received vouchers for drinks, coffee and cake as well as for an ice-cream birthday cake at the Treasure Court Restaurant. For lunch I chose again small prawns in curry/vegetable sauce with boiled rice, Tilde had the same, Klaus chose chicken schnitzel and chips, and Peter had beef, vegetables and boiled rice. As entree we had mini vegetable spring rolls, and all of us had also Chinese tea. We thought it was a very satisfying lunch.

We have known Tilde and Klaus since 1959. All of us had come as migrants to Australia on a huge ocean liner, the P & O Straithaird. We are always happy when we can see each other from time to time.














The last Part of my September 2017 Diary?

I hope, this is going to be the last part now. I think, our stay at BIG4 Nambucca Holiday Park I have pretty well covered by now, except for one outing, that is, we stopped one morning at Nambucca Heads Railway Station just to have a look. I assume it would have been on that day when we went to the Honey Place at Urunga:

When we stopped at that Honey Place, we were really on our way to Coffs Harbour. So we stopped at Nambucca Head Railway Station first.

nambucca heads railway station phone number

We went around the station for quite a while. It was early morning. The station master was not there yet. His shift started a bit later. While we looked around taking some photos, time passed quickly. And before we started leaving the station master already appeared for his shift and Peter could talk to him. It has been a while since Peter worked at a station. During the conversation with the Nambucca Heads station master, Peter mentioned that he used to work at Albion Park Station. However, this was a long, long time ago. It really has been a long time that Peter retired from his job.

DSCN3377 (2)DSCN3378 (2)

DSCN3379 (2)

South of Nambucca Heads is Macksville Railway Station. We did not have a look at that one. But coming back from Coffs Harbour in the afternoon we went as far as Macksville. We had a pleasant stay there near the river and sat in a cafe having some tea.

Now to Coffs Harbour. I have no pictures of it, that is we stayed there only in a shopping centre for the toilet facilities and a bit of lunch. A lot of building work was going on in the centre of town. Somehow Peter never found his way out to the coastal areas. After lunch we turned straight back onto the Highway going back in a southerly direction until we ended up in Macksville where we liked it very much.

It is a pity we did not take time to see a bit more of Coffs Harbour. I am sure near the sea there are some beautiful spots as you can see here:

On Thursday, the 21st of September, we were on our way back home. We stopped at Taree for lunch.

WP_20170921_12_24_26_Pro (3)
This was an excellent lunch near the Manning River.

Towards evening we arrived in Newcastle where we stayed at the Ibis Budget Hotel. Our granddaughter Lauren picked us up from our hotel to take us to a Pizza place for dinner. We were happy that we could  see our granddaughter for a bit who was enormously busy at the time preparing for a competition.

We left very early the next morning and had a very good run home. We arrived home on Friday, the 22nd, at around midday. That was really a very fast drive home!

On Sunday we had at the club a belated birthday lunch with some friends and also some family.

After lunch we enjoyed Coffee and cake and later on some wine.WP_20170927_18_13_29_Pro

few days later it was the 3rd Birthday of Alexander.


Uta’s October Diary 2016

It is unbelievable that it is already October. Where did the September go? I just wrote today about our monthly meeting on the last day of August. In the meantime we had already another monthly meeting.  The September monthly meeting was at Irene’s place. And come the last Monday of this month we will be going to Marion Buckley’s place. And of course we continue to have a games afternoon every Friday. For the games afternoon we are no more than five, sometimes only four or three women depending on if some people are away somewhere else.



Last year Peter and I went for my birthday to the Treasure Court Restaurant with Tilde, Klaus and Irene. (Irene took the above picture.)

This year, on the 31st of July, we went once more with Tilde and Klaus to the Treasure Court Restaurant of the Dapto Leagues Club.

I had been contemplating to this year go again for my birthday to the above restaurant. Alas, it did not eventuate. Somehow September turned out to be too busy for us. We just could not fit in another visit. Ah well, maybe next year then.

Caroline is thirty-five!

Celebrating Carolines Birthday with an Ice-Cream Cake
Celebrating Carolines Birthday with an Ice-Cream Cake

We celebrated Caroline’s birthday on Monday, the 9th of December. The ice-cream cake was a real treat. I think in Germany a cake like this is called ‘Eis-Bombe’ (ice-bomb).


RIMG0982 Mathew’s son Daniel took this picture of us.







We get second helpings of this beautiful ice-cream.
We get second helpings of this beautiful ice-cream.
Having been a bricklayer in Germany once upon a time Peter admires this great brickwork.
Having been a bricklayer in Germany once upon a time Peter admires this great brickwork.
It is time for cheese and wine.
It is time for cheese and wine.


The Tiger-Monkey has found a great spot!
The Tiger-Monkey has found a great spot!
The Sunflowers shining bright in their Livingroom
The Sunflowers shining bright in their Livingroom