Uta’s October Diary 2016

4 Oct

It is unbelievable that it is already October. Where did the September go? I just wrote today about our monthly meeting on the last day of August. In the meantime we had already another monthly meeting.  The September monthly meeting was at Irene’s place. And come the last Monday of this month we will be going to Marion Buckley’s place. And of course we continue to have a games afternoon every Friday. For the games afternoon we are no more than five, sometimes only four or three women depending on if some people are away somewhere else.




Last year Peter and I went for my birthday to the Treasure Court Restaurant with Tilde, Klaus and Irene. (Irene took the above picture.)

This year, on the 31st of July, we went once more with Tilde and Klaus to the Treasure Court Restaurant of the Dapto Leagues Club.

I had been contemplating to this year go again for my birthday to the above restaurant. Alas, it did not eventuate. Somehow September turned out to be too busy for us. We just could not fit in another visit. Ah well, maybe next year then.

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