Wednesday, 5th of April 2017

Last Wednesday we went with our guests to Bulli Beach. It was very overcast. We had some coffee in a beach cafe near the swimming pool   contemplating whether there was a chance that we could go for a swim even though there was no sun. But as soon as we had finished our coffee the sun had come out. The swimming pool close to the beach looked very tempting. My brother and his wife are good swimmers and stayed in the pool for quite a while. Peter, my brother even went into the surf for a swim later on. He knew he had to stay between the flags, so that the life guards could keep an eye on him. I did not stay in the pool for very long. But I found my little swim very refreshing.





The above pictures were displayed in the cafe. I liked them very much.

And here I took some pictures in front of another beach cafe:

Uta’s Diary – First Days of October 2015

Officially it is spring in Australia. However, it does feel more like summer already. So far this month we had temperatures close to 30C, and during the last few days it was well above 30C. We also had our Labour Day Weekend, meaning that yesterday, Monday, was a public holiday. Last Saturday, the 3rd of October, our clock was put one hour ahead, for we are in daylight saving- (summer-) time right now. This morning when we woke up at 5 o’clock, it was really only 4 o’clock! Peter had planned to do a bit of running early this morning before the sun was getting too hot.

We had an early breakfast. By 8 o’clock we were ready to leave. Peter had set his mind to do another walk/run on the Croom Oval. We also were there last Wednesday. A week ago I posted some pictures from our visit to Wollongong as well as from the Croom Sporting Complex:

Peter was the only runner on the oval early this morning.
However, the maintenance crew for the oval happened to be there as well. This gave me a chance to take some photos of the crew at work. Of course I used Peter’s camera again. I am getting quite used to this camera by now. Peter was running on the grass in his toe-shoes. I also put my toe-shoes on and enjoyed walking  in them on the grass while I was taking pictures.

This part of the inside lane is freshly marked here.
This part of the inside lane is freshly marked here.
In the distance the equipment for marking the lanes.
In the distance the equipment for marking the lanes.
This big monster was able to cut the grass on the oval immensely qickly!
This big monster was able to cut the grass on the oval immensely qickly!
A bit of fresh paint makes the numbers stick out.
A bit of fresh paint makes the numbers stick out.



Here comes Peter!

The temperature in our area reached 35C today. One of the workers said to Peter while he was running: “It makes me dizzy, Mate, watching you!”

Yesterday, Monday, Peter actually came with me to Dapto Solar Heated Pool. It was a lovely wind-still, warm morning.: So, even for Peter warm enough to take a dip into the pool! In the afternoon we decided to go for a drive to Bulli Beach. Since it was a Public Holiday and the temperature soaring, the beach was crowded. Everyone had a good time enjoying this hot day at the beach. We went to the Beach Cafe for some ice-cream.

When we drove home in a southerly direction, the traffic on our side of the road went very smoothly. Not so on the other side of the road going north towards Sydney. Heaps and heaps of holiday-makers were already on the way home to Sydney. The traffic towards Sydney seemed to go very slowly bumper to bumper.







I still love my toe-shoes.
I still love my toe-shoes.

Uta’s Diary Update, March 2015


Today is already the second of March. Yesterday was officially the beginning of autumn here in Australia. It promised to be a very warm day. We agreed it would be good to have lunch near Bulli Beach. It was about time we paid that beach another visit!

We left home at eleven o’clock. A few minutes later we arrived at Ruby’s Cafe. We ordered beer battered fish, chips, salad and a pot of tea. I did not take my camera along because it had been playing up a bit recently. But Peter had brought his camera.  He took some pictures when we went down to the beach  while I was resting on a sand dune. Peter and I always share our pictures. So he does not mind that I publish some of yesterday’s photos. I like these photos! (With ‘like’ to this post at the bottom I’m going to indicate that I like Peter’s photos.)

Some months ago I had an infection in my left knee. A few days ago I started to get another knee infection, however this time it is the right knee that hurts!

RIMG0941This is an old picture of the cafe, but it still looks like this. There were already quite a few people near the beach when we arrived. We were glad we had decided to have lunch early. Soon after we left the cafe, it filled up a lot. Also, there was hardly any more parking available!







So it turned out to be a perfect day for the beach, at least until a thunderstorm came up a bit later on. But we were already on our way home then, having picked up some cake in a Thirroul Shopping Centre.  As soon as we arrived home, we made some filter coffee to go along with our cake.

This was our Sunday. How was yours?

Saturday Night at Bulli Beach

We had arrived at Bulli Beach on Friday, the 6th of December 2013, at one in the afternoon. Amazingly, up to Saturday night all the food that we had brought from home, was sufficient for every meal in our cabin up until Sunday morning the 8th, when we had to check out. Saturday night, however, we decided to go out for a meal.

Ruby’s Cafe was close to our Tourist Park. They had special music on that night and tables had to be booked. In passing early in the evening we noticed a lot of people already occupying all the outside tables. We went on past the playground towards the Bulli Beach Cafe.

Looking at the playground in passing I thought of little Lucas straight away. When we had seen Ebony and Lucas on Thursday, the 5th of December, for Monika’s birthday, we mentioned to Ebony that we had booked a cabin at Bulli Beach for the weekend. We discussed then that Ryan, Ebony and little Lucas might be able to visit us at Bulli Beach on Saturday afternoon. Ebony very much liked the idea. She was hoping that they would be able to come even though Ryan had to finish a lot of upholstering work before Christmas. He worked many, many hours so he could have a few days off over the Christmas period.

Unfortunately Ryan did not feel well during the week. A bug seemed to have caught up with him. Still he kept on working all day every day, while having early restful nights. It turned out on that Saturday Ryan still did not feel well enough and badly needed a rest at home. On top of it Lucas started feeling a bit wimpish and Ebony was concerned about him becoming sick and giving us the bug too. So she regrettably cancelled the planned visit to the beach.

I ended up making a lot of pictures of that beautiful playground near the beach. I am sure some of the things even 17 months old Lucas could already have enjoyed.







On we went to the Bulli Beach Cafe. We had a glass of wine there each as well as burgers. My burger was vegetarian with a huge mushroom and Peter’s was with some beef. After the meal we went outside and I took some more photos.



Some Christmas decorations in the cafe.
Some Christmas decorations in the cafe.









We went back passed Ruby’s Cafe where a lot of people were still sitting outside.











Back in our cabin
Back in our cabin

Arrival at Bulli Beach, Friday, 6th December 2013

RIMG0845 RIMG0846

We arrived at Bulli Beach on Friday, the 6th of December, at one in the afternoon and were given the key to our cabin straight away.

We had cabin Nr. 6
We had cabin Nr. 6
Peter soon found out his 'finger' shoes were good for walking along the beach.
Peter soon found out his ‘finger’ shoes were good for walking along the beach.


Next morning we went for a walk along the footpath near the beach and saw this sign.
Next morning we went for a walk along the footpath near the beach and saw this sign.
We also saw this sign.
We also saw this sign.
There is a cemetery close to where the beach is with the escarpment in the background.
There is a cemetery close to where the beach is with the escarpment in the background.
Peter has a good look towards the ocean. It is still very early morning.
Peter has a good look towards the ocean. It is still very early morning.

Here are some more photos of our “two” guests who came to our veranda for breakfast.







Here’s Bulli Beach again! We had another lovely time there last week on Tuesday. We decided we would stay there for lunch. And of course we had some coffee as well.





From where we were sitting we could look down to the swimming-pool.


Yesterday, that is on Sunday, 7th of April 2013, I opened another “Page”. It’s called Uta’s early Childhood. I was able to retrieve some of my early childhood pictures and published them in this “Page”. I have heaps and heaps more childhood pictures in my album, which is of course ancient. The pictures start with the day of my birth, which was on 21st of September 1934. I have at the moment some difficulties with my scanner. With Peter’s help I may eventually work something out how to do further scanning. However, for the next two weeks or so I can’t do anything about it. It’ll have to wait!

We have plans for the next two weeks! Early on Wednesday, this is the 10th of this month, we’re going to leave for a lovely little holiday in the country. We’re also going to spend some time in Melbourne with our son and his extended family. We are very much looking forward to finally see all the Melburnians again. Also going to see another granddaughter who’s coming to Melbourne from Newcastle during her school holidays. This granddaughter we missed out on seeing a year ago. So we’re glad we can finally see her again.

We plan to be back home on Saturday, 21st of this month.

Sunday at Bulli Beach

Sunday at Bulli Beach

Last Sunday, which was Palm Sunday, the weather was perfect for the beach. I’m glad we decided to go there.

We have a number of beaches to choose from in our area. I said to Peter: “Let’s go to Bulli Beach. We can have a cup of coffee there.” Peter agreed.

The day before, on Saturday, I had felt really awful because of a gum infection. I went to see a doctor who  prescribed for me some antibiotics. So on Sunday I felt already very much better. I had been able to walk to the church early in the morning for the 7,30 Palm Sunday Mass. I encouraged Peter to do his running while I was at church. I insisted I was all right walking. Still, it was good he could drive me home then after Mass.

Soon after lunch on Sunday we took off for our twenty minute drive to the beach. The weather was still perfect. We parked near the Bulli Beach Tourist Park. I thought: Wouldn’t it be good to stay there for a few days!  Our stay in one of the cabins at the Tourist Park in October of 2010 is still vivid in my memory. We had contemplated then that we would do this again soon. It seems, so far we just haven’t been able to make time for it!

Anyhow, we enjoyed our afternoon session at the beach on that Sunday before Easter. We strolled around, taking pictures here and there.  In some of the pictures you can see a perfectly blue sky over the beach and the ocean. Where the life-savers were there were still quite a few people enjoying the water. But where we were the beach looked pretty deserted.

I made it as far as the edge of the beach sitting down in the sand. There was hardly any breeze. It was probably a bit under thirty degrees Celsius. Just perfect! Peter didn’t feel like going right into the water. But he took his shoes off and tried out the water with his toes. He told me the water felt quite warm at this time of the year.

Then a bit later we had our coffee at the Tourist Park Cafe. We even had a bit of cake to go with it.