Diary, 5th February 2020


I think I took this picture of the above poster the last time we were at the Nan Tien Temple, probably about one year ago. One can see a lot of similar posters all around te grounds of the temple. I always like to have a look at some of the verses that are displayed there. It makes me think really what sort of meaning do our lives have . . .

After a long summer break, the Australian Parliament is back in session. For many weeks and months an awful lot of Australia has been effected by immense bushfires. These fires brought great suffering to many communities on the fringes of or in the midst of immense fires. After the fires went through some places look like they have been destroyed during a war! Yes, places do look like this after a lot of fighting or terrible bomb raids during a war! You could say, Australia is in a warlike situation at the moment. Of course right now ‘only’ certain areas in a number of Australian states are effected. But to keep the flames away from major built up centres requires an enormous amount of firefighters, emergency workers (a lot of them volunteers) amd equipment. Australia has always had droughts and bushfires. But the droughts are getting more severe and the bushfires with very hot winds are getting worse than ever. There is an enormous amount of very dry fuel that can burn for months on end. The bushfire seasons do start now earlier and last longer, and the temperature can be in the 40sC or even in the 50sC  in a lot of places. Heatwaves like this with little moisture can appear again and again all through spring, summer and autumn. So our climate is changing more and more. There is no doubt about it.

There is talk about it, that a lot of people, adults as well as children, are traumatised by these bushfires. They need counselling for they can’t cope with their lives after having lost everything in a bushfire. I think the best help they can get is a roof over their heads somewhere and the necessities to start from scratch again. Surely, if they know, there is help available to get them on their feet again, they can learn to once  more look with hope to the future!

December Writing Challenge/ Prompts:


  1. Choose one word which you would like to embody during 2020 as a sort of theme for the year. How would you like to see this word manifest in your life?
  2. Who inspired you in 2019? Why? What gifts did they give you? How will you carry these forward in 2020?
  3. What made you feel joyful in 2019? What steps can you take to create more joyful moments in the coming year?
  4. What goals did you accomplish in 2019 that you’re proud of? How will your achievement continue to benefit you or others in the future?
  5. What musical discovery did you make this year? Share a memory involving music or tell us what artist or song would feature on the soundtrack of your life for 2019?
  6. What surprised you in 2019


Today I want to write about Nr.  6!

So, what surprised me in 2019?

Did it surprise me that Greta Thunberg continued to get so much media attention? She is a very determined young woman, only sixteen, but she stuck it out, did not hesitate to live by her principles. To find supporters that made it possible for her to travel for instance by boat to the Americas and back again. Well, this was quite an achievement!

Yes, in a way it did surprise me that Greta was able to get such an enormous support!

I want to keep it brief. So I only want to mention, that I find it surprising that so many people these days are able to live into their eighties or nineties. I would be surprised, if Peter and I were able to make it to the nineties! Somehow, I cannot quite imagine it. I am surprised about every year that we are still alive.

Just recently I was surprised that independent Senator Jacqui Lambie voted with the government to repeal the medevac bill. It does not seem to make sense, not at all.

Here is an interesting link to an article about the repeal bill:


Australia is at present in the grip of enormous draught as well as disastrous bushfires with soaring temperatures and extremely strong winds. The government says, this is quite normal for Australia. A lot of people here want to talk about it why there is so much climate change, but the government says there is no need to talk about it or to do something about it. Am I surprised that our government acts this way? No, not at all. The Australian voters voted the present government in. It surprised me at the time. And I’ll be still more surprised, should they be voted in again at the next election.







‘Catastrophic’ fire conditions October 2019



I wrote in my post from 24th of October: “Soon I’ll receive a new Visa card in the mail.” Well, this card still has not arrived. In the meantime I got several reminders from wordpress that my subscription renewal is due. They wrote:

“. . .   your subscription renewal for auntyuta.com didn’t go through. . . ”

They reckon, it might be because my card they have on file expired. Well, it really should not have expired, but unfortunately this machine in the shopping centre just swallowed it. There was no way to retrieve it. So my bank had to cancel it. But why did I not get a new card? Nobody can explain this to me how it can take such a long time to mail it to me.

To pay for my American WordPress subscription I need a Visa card. Since yesterday I am now in possession of a green eftpos card. But this is no good for payments in other countries. I can use it only in Australia.

Just this afternoon Peter came to the rescue again. He paid  the subscription with his Visa card. I am so glad that he did this for me. Now, we are both at a very advanced age. I am rather scared that Peter might die before I die. What do I do then? There are so many things that I depend on Peter for.

For some reason or another I felt very low in energy this morning. This is why  Peter helped with the cooking. He made an excellent Bolognaise sauce and I cooked some vegies to go with it. We both liked the meal very much.

Now, for the record: The bushfire season in Australia has started early. Conditions for bushfires are already very bad. Hardly any moisture, in a lot of parts in Australia severely high temperatures with a lot of winds. Last Tuesday we were warned about ‘catastrophic’ fire conditions. To be prepared for quick escapes. Not to expect to get a knock at the door to warn usabout approaching fires. To leave the house early. To go to a safe place.

We have quite a bit of very dry bushland near our home with a lot of undergrowth. Because our whole area was at the highest warning we thought we better leave early. We packed a few things and drove to a shopping centre where we had a bit of lunch. Later on we saw a movie in a cinema that is close to the shopping centre where we parked our car.

This is the movie we saw:




After the movie we had some refreshments in the shopping centre and did a bit of shopping. In the meantime a cool breaze had come up. The emergencyinformationof theNSWRuraldid not mention any more warnings. (Peter checked it on his phone)


So we happily drove home. By 6pm we were home again. We were very tired but very happy that we still had a home!