‘Catastrophic’ fire conditions October 2019



I wrote in my post from 24th of October: “Soon I’ll receive a new Visa card in the mail.” Well, this card still has not arrived. In the meantime I got several reminders from wordpress that my subscription renewal is due. They wrote:

“. . .   your subscription renewal for auntyuta.com didn’t go through. . . ”

They reckon, it might be because my card they have on file expired. Well, it really should not have expired, but unfortunately this machine in the shopping centre just swallowed it. There was no way to retrieve it. So my bank had to cancel it. But why did I not get a new card? Nobody can explain this to me how it can take such a long time to mail it to me.

To pay for my American WordPress subscription I need a Visa card. Since yesterday I am now in possession of a green eftpos card. But this is no good for payments in other countries. I can use it only in Australia.

Just this afternoon Peter came to the rescue again. He paid  the subscription with his Visa card. I am so glad that he did this for me. Now, we are both at a very advanced age. I am rather scared that Peter might die before I die. What do I do then? There are so many things that I depend on Peter for.

For some reason or another I felt very low in energy this morning. This is why  Peter helped with the cooking. He made an excellent Bolognaise sauce and I cooked some vegies to go with it. We both liked the meal very much.

Now, for the record: The bushfire season in Australia has started early. Conditions for bushfires are already very bad. Hardly any moisture, in a lot of parts in Australia severely high temperatures with a lot of winds. Last Tuesday we were warned about ‘catastrophic’ fire conditions. To be prepared for quick escapes. Not to expect to get a knock at the door to warn usabout approaching fires. To leave the house early. To go to a safe place.

We have quite a bit of very dry bushland near our home with a lot of undergrowth. Because our whole area was at the highest warning we thought we better leave early. We packed a few things and drove to a shopping centre where we had a bit of lunch. Later on we saw a movie in a cinema that is close to the shopping centre where we parked our car.

This is the movie we saw:




After the movie we had some refreshments in the shopping centre and did a bit of shopping. In the meantime a cool breaze had come up. The emergencyinformationof theNSWRuraldid not mention any more warnings. (Peter checked it on his phone)


So we happily drove home. By 6pm we were home again. We were very tired but very happy that we still had a home!




4 thoughts on “‘Catastrophic’ fire conditions October 2019

  1. Yes, Uta. Life can be complicated. Helvi too relied on all our banking to be done by me. Somehow, that’s how it turned out. She had her own account but both of us hardly ever used credit cards and paid our bills on line. I have a free Word-Press account and it works fine. Glad you still managed to get out and see a movie. You still have each other and that is so wonderful. I miss Helvi every moment. But, that’s how it goes.

  2. Peter is a gem! And I know you are a gem to him, too, Uta! You help each other each and every day! ❤
    Like Gerard, I have a free WP. I guess it's not as good as paying for extras…but it works for me.
    I am so glad you two got out to a movie and some fun! 🙂
    And I am so so so glad you are safe and your home is safe! I will pray that continues…your safety and your home's safety.
    That looks like a movie I would like to see. I'll have to find it.
    (((HUGS))) to you and Peter!!! 🙂
    PS…Hope you get your new card soon. All of that bank and numbers and cards stuff makes me anxious at times. 😦

  3. Thanks, dear Carolyn, for another great comment! 🙂
    Maybe, I should have stayed with the free WP. I think I got into trouble for wanting to publish too many pictures. How come that at the moment I do not feel like publishing a lot of pictures. I don’t know, this is just the way it is. Right now I get wonderful enjoyment out of looking at old posts. For instance, what Gerard wrote exactly one year ago, was so good and achieved so many very good comments. It was immensely interesting to read all of it again! 🙂
    The good news is, yesterday I finally received my new Visa card. 🙂
    I pray too, that our home may be spared during the coming hot summer months. 🙂
    As the movie – Emu Runner – shows, it is not easy to grow up in Australia in an indigenous community. As Peter pointed out: People of the First Nation have a hard life coping in a White man’s world. All the movies we have seen that were made in cooperation with people of the First Nation, do show how very talented these people are. 🙂
    It isw only sad that these talents often are not recognised or appreciated by the white community.
    So long, dear Carolyn.
    Hugs from us, Uta and Peter 🙂

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