Fifteen Months ago

Fifteen Months ago? Was it only fifteen months ago when I published the following? Indeed, I found that I published the following on the 18th of March 2018.

I did write, that we left Benalla on Monday on the night train from Melbourne, arriving Tuesday morning back home (that would probably have been around 7am.)  At 9 am on that day we left again for my doctor’s appointment in Wollongong, going to Wollongong by bus. We both felt rather tired after having spent a night sitting up on the train!

I remember very well how awfully tired we both felt on that morning after having been sitting up on the night train . The Melbourne night train would have arrived in Benalla some time after 11pm. At around 5am we would have had to get off the train to go on the railway bus that goes down MacQuarie Pass towards Albion Park, Dapto, Wollongong. So this bus is a good connection to Dapto where we live. Only on that morning we had to leave again soon after we had arrived home. This was really terrible. We said then, we would not go on the night train again: The next time we would be catching the day train! Very conveniently there is also a day train from Melbourne that stops in Benalla at a convenient time, and then the railway bus takes us, not too late in the evening, from Moss Vale to Dapto!

“The XPT service runs two return trips each day between Melbourne and Sydney, making scheduledstops at Broadmeadows, Seymour, Benalla, Wangaratta, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Junee, Cootamundra, Yass Junction, Goulburn, Moss Vale, Campbelltown and Strathfield with optional stops at Culcairn, Henty, The Rock, Harden and …”

So here now is the copy of my post from the 18th March, 2018:

“How to keep Track of Time? Yes, how do you do this? Eighty + years of impressions, incidents and experiences, having seen so many different places, having met so many different people. Does it all become a blur in the end?

For young people time often seems to drag on slowly, slowly. But ask any elderly person, the answer is, that time passes awfully quickly. What is a week? A week, well, a week just flies away. I try to recall what we did last week, two weeks ago, three weeks ago, four weeks ago. Four weeks ago? Is it four weeks ago that we stayed in Sydney for a few days for our daughter’s  wedding? Is it two weeks ago that we travelled to Benalla to stay there for a week with our son? What about doctor’s appointments? Did we have three different doctor’s appointments during the past week? Quite so. That is, I met another specialist for the first time last week, and Peter also met another specialist for the first time last week.  Peter also saw his GP, the one that he has been seeing for many years. He was the first one who explained to Peter that according to some test results a ‘tumor’ ought  to be investigated. Some 18 months later he looked at some other test results and concluded that there were some problems with his heart. And so it goes.

On one of Benalla’s Walking Tracks with son Martin

We left Benalla on Monday on the night train from Melbourne, arriving Tuesday morning back home. At 9 am on that day we left again for my doctor’s appointment in Wollongong, going to Wollongong by bus. We both felt rather tired after having spent a night sitting up on the train!

Anyway, the following day, Wednesday, Peter saw his GP who is now in Corrimal (not in Dapto anymore). I went along with Peter. The visit at the Corrimal Medical Centre was over quickly. So well before lunchtime Peter drove us to the Leisure Coast fruit shop in Fairy Meadow where we did some serious shopping.

Thursday would have been the day for my slow movement exercises here in Dapto. But I felt awfully tired and gave it a miss. I felt that it was really good for me not to have to do anything on that day! Peter however felt on that day well enough  to locally do a bit of shopping  to get the ingredients for a quark cheesecake. And in the afternoon he actually did bake this cake while I was resting in the bedroom. – This cake baking seems to have been a kind of relaxation for  him.

Friday morning Peter found the time to go through the whole house with the vacuum cleaner. Then he went off to Wollongong to see the surgeon who may do a heart bypass operation on him. It turned out,  before he is about to do this, Peter should go for some more scan tests!

I stayed home on Friday. After having done some wiping of the floors, I did get some lunch ready and I  also made preparations for my afternoon visitors. It was my turn to have the four ladies over for our Friday afternoon games of Scrabble and Rummy. Also on Friday, our daughter Monika dropped in at 5,30 after work. Talking to our daughter about a lot of things was a good finish of the day.

And yesterday, Saturday, was a very good day too: Our daughter Caroline and son-in-law Matthew came to visit!

Is it only two more weeks to Easter Sunday? So it is, and I am looking forward to some family visits at Easter time!”

Wednesday Afternoon, March 2017

This morning I managed to publish some food pictures of the meals we had not so long ago. One morning I took the above pictures. It had been raining quite a bit these last few weeks. So, on that morning, surprise, surprise, these little mushrooms had appeared in our backyard. Of course, we did not dare to eat them for we had no idea whether they were poisonous or not. Peter said, there is great danger that people may die when eating unknown mushrooms. These mushrooms did not last for very long. The next day  they had all disappeared.

This morning Peter had an 11,40 appointment with his eye specialist. The eye specialist is in Figtree. Peter went there by bus.  It turned out, Peter’s eyes are just a little bit better than last time, meaning that no laser treatment was needed at this stage.

Peter had dropped me off near  Dapto Shopping Centre, parked his car there, and  went to catch his bus. We had agreed, that he should pick me up from the library once he returned from Figtree. I liked being able to spend some time at the library. I took out three large print books. Before that I had gone for a very much overdue haircut. To be able to at last fit this haircut in made me very happy! I also fitted in a cup of coffee at McDonalds, I mean I asked for a proper cup, not a take-away one!

A friendly girl was waiting to help customers to use one of the newly established ordering machines. She offered to do it for me. Alas, I had a 5 Dollar note to pay my coffee with. But paying with a 5 Dollar note somehow did not work. So the girl went to a service counter to get my order through there. Maybe the machine prefers credit cards. I think paying by credit card and using ordering machines is a bit too much of an innovation for me. At my age it is very difficult to get used to such new things!

More and more large print books are available at the Public Library. Residents can get a loan of these books for free. I reckon, this is a very good thing that the council still provides this free service apart from all the other things that are available at the Library. You can borrow all sorts of books and magazines and videos. You pay only for overdue items. If you return the borrowed items on time, there is no charge, none whatsoever.

By the time Peter and I were home to eat  our home cooked lunch it was nearly two o’clock. Peter had some peppermint tea with his lunch, and I had some black tea with skim milk. We had been very hungry when we got home and quite tired as well!

Yesterday Peter had to see the cancer specialist in Figtree as a follow up to his operation from two weeks ago. Apparently his bladder is free of cancer at the moment, but there is a chance some more growth might come back. This is why some follow up treatment in Wollongong Hospital is recommended. I may write a bit more about some details  after Peter has spoken to another doctor who is going to give him some more advice about the recommended treatment.

After having been at the the Urology Clinic yesterday, we drove to Figtree Shopping Centre and treated ourselves to some coffee and cake at the Gossips’ Coffee Lounge! It was a huge piece of cake with nuts, which we shared, and we were each given some ice-cream as well as fresh cream with it. Delicious! And the coffee out of proper cups was quite good too.

DIARY, last Days of July 2013

The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre
The GURU Coffee Lounge in Dapto Shopping Centre

We went there early in the morning this week for a coffee break. I had been seeing a doctor in the Medical Centre across the road quite early in the morning. At 9am I had to go back to the Medical Centre for some tests.


The following day we went to Sydney to see my Prothetist at an Orthoplant Dental Laboratory who took on the immensely difficult task of making for me some new dentures. At the moment I was provided with some temporary dentures. Once I get used to them, he can create the real dentures.

After the appointment with the Prothetist (it was already my third visit to him!) Peter and I felt like going for a special treat. We chose the Lind cafe at Martin Place.


Later on we went to Hyde Park where Peter was feeding the birds with some of his muffin.RIMG0166



After our train-trip to Sydney yesterday (Wednesday) I had to go back to Dapto Medical Centre early this morning to find out about the test results. It was established there is no thrombosis, the blood test was normal too. But because I suffer from pain in my right arm, wrist and pins and needles in my right hand, some other test revealed that it has to do with a nerve strung. I did get now an appointment for next week at Southern Neurology in Wollongong. The doctors reckons all this has to do with old age. Ah, the blood test showed that I have Osteo Arthritis.

Today, Thursday, I went with Peter to Wollongong for Peter had to pick up there one of his hearing aids which had been repaired. Then we had time to go again to this beautiful cafe where we had been with Sylvia the previous Saturday. On the way we saw a few little toys. We thought it would be nice to have these toys for our three great grandchildren. So we bought the three toys.

With our little bag of gifts we entered the cafe. Surprise, surprise, we met there Monika, our daughter with Krystal, who is sixteen and Monika’s youngest daughter. It was such a beautiful surprise to see them there!








Going back to where we had our car parked, we took some pictures of MacCabe Park.