Wednesday Afternoon, March 2017

This morning I managed to publish some food pictures of the meals we had not so long ago. One morning I took the above pictures. It had been raining quite a bit these last few weeks. So, on that morning, surprise, surprise, these little mushrooms had appeared in our backyard. Of course, we did not dare to eat them for we had no idea whether they were poisonous or not. Peter said, there is great danger that people may die when eating unknown mushrooms. These mushrooms did not last for very long. The next day  they had all disappeared.

This morning Peter had an 11,40 appointment with his eye specialist. The eye specialist is in Figtree. Peter went there by bus.  It turned out, Peter’s eyes are just a little bit better than last time, meaning that no laser treatment was needed at this stage.

Peter had dropped me off near  Dapto Shopping Centre, parked his car there, and  went to catch his bus. We had agreed, that he should pick me up from the library once he returned from Figtree. I liked being able to spend some time at the library. I took out three large print books. Before that I had gone for a very much overdue haircut. To be able to at last fit this haircut in made me very happy! I also fitted in a cup of coffee at McDonalds, I mean I asked for a proper cup, not a take-away one!

A friendly girl was waiting to help customers to use one of the newly established ordering machines. She offered to do it for me. Alas, I had a 5 Dollar note to pay my coffee with. But paying with a 5 Dollar note somehow did not work. So the girl went to a service counter to get my order through there. Maybe the machine prefers credit cards. I think paying by credit card and using ordering machines is a bit too much of an innovation for me. At my age it is very difficult to get used to such new things!

More and more large print books are available at the Public Library. Residents can get a loan of these books for free. I reckon, this is a very good thing that the council still provides this free service apart from all the other things that are available at the Library. You can borrow all sorts of books and magazines and videos. You pay only for overdue items. If you return the borrowed items on time, there is no charge, none whatsoever.

By the time Peter and I were home to eat  our home cooked lunch it was nearly two o’clock. Peter had some peppermint tea with his lunch, and I had some black tea with skim milk. We had been very hungry when we got home and quite tired as well!

Yesterday Peter had to see the cancer specialist in Figtree as a follow up to his operation from two weeks ago. Apparently his bladder is free of cancer at the moment, but there is a chance some more growth might come back. This is why some follow up treatment in Wollongong Hospital is recommended. I may write a bit more about some details  after Peter has spoken to another doctor who is going to give him some more advice about the recommended treatment.

After having been at the the Urology Clinic yesterday, we drove to Figtree Shopping Centre and treated ourselves to some coffee and cake at the Gossips’ Coffee Lounge! It was a huge piece of cake with nuts, which we shared, and we were each given some ice-cream as well as fresh cream with it. Delicious! And the coffee out of proper cups was quite good too.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon, March 2017

  1. We hope Peter’s health keeps improving. Libraries are great places. The Goulburn library had a real coffee machine where for 2 dollars it would grind fresh coffee followed by dripping it into a plastic cup. It was such an innovation. There is nothing quite like having a good nap in a library too. Surrounded by books and the ghosts of so many literary giants.

    1. Thank you very much for this enjoyable comment, Gerard. Peter’s health is rather good at the moment. We can only hope that it stays this way for a long time. The treatment he may undergo soon might help to achieve this. Peter just baked a cheese cake. He loves baking cakes!

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