Diary: Last Monday in May 2019

This being the last Monday of the month, the residents and some ex-residents of our complex are going to have a get-together for afternoon tea/coffee just to stay in touch and talk a bit about past times too. This afternoon the ladies are coming to my place. These days we are usually only about half a dozen women for these meetings.

Peter has today  a very busy day again with medical appointments. He has been for some test procedures here in Dapto. This lasted for a few hours early in the morning, He is home now but has to leave again at 12 o’clock. An appointment with his cardiologist has been brought forward. The medical profession seems to think that it is urgent that the cardiologist does something for Peter if this is at all possible. A procedure in hospital, that had been planned for next month and would have had involved being under anaesthetics for about an hour, was cancelled. The anaesthetist reckons this kind of anaesthetics would be far too dangerous for Peter.

For next Thursday Peter has an appointment with the doctor of the Wollongong Cancer Centre. Peter wants me to go with him to hear what the doctor has to say about further treatment that might be possible for Peter. Peter and I, we both think Peter’s health has not deteriorated over the past few months. Well, we’ll see, what the doctor has to say.

Yesterday I copied a blog of mine that I had published 6 years ago. It says a lot about my health problems at the time. Some of these health problems are still with me. Being 6 years older now, I wonder how much time really may be given to me and how well can I make use of the time that may still be given to me.


Some of my readers may be aware how much I hate being lied to. Maybe it is difficult sometimes, to tell the whole truth. But outright lies? What sort of democracy is it, if people have to be lied to?

I inserted today a few links to articles regarding the fate of Julian Assange, here:





Lots of Rain in Dapto on Saturday, 18th November 2017

Peter went outside to save some of our strawberries:



While I ‘m at it I’ll insert some more of our recent pictures. First here are some pictures that Peter took the other day when we went for a little walk in the morning:

Peter took this picture of a Jacaranda Tree in Figtree, a Wollongong Suburb.

Only last Wednesday Peter went to see his ophthalmologist in Figtree. His eye pressure turned out to have somewhat deteriorated, and she prescribed him some stronger eye-drops.


I had some Chai and a slice of lovely warm banana bread at the Gossips Coffee Lounge while I was waiting for Peter to return from his appointment. The Gossips Coffee Lounge is in the Figtree Grove Shopping Centre. They have a huge Fruit and Vegetable Shop where a lot of produce is offered at reasonable prices. Before we drove home, we used the opportunity to buy some fresh things.


Last Tuesday Peter saw hiss oncologist in Wollongong. Peter is doing well, but for a little infection that was detected in his urine she prescribed for him precautionary some antibiotics. But he was allowed to continue with his BCG treatment in Wollongong Hospital. It was his fourth treatment in this series. Everything went well. So this was then last Thursday. He parked in the Hospital Carpark in a special area that is set aside for cancer patients. The parking is free for him.

At the hospital  I stayed with Peter only for a couple of hours. Then I caught a bus in front of the hospital. This bus took me to Ribbonwood Centre in Dapto where I always have on a Thursday at 12,30 with about a dozen other seniors a ‘slow movement exercise class’. After the class I waited for Peter at the centre. He arrived after his treatment a bit after 2 o’clock to pick me up. It is always good to be back home after an outing like this.

Last Thursday I had taken a sandwich with me for lunch. I always take some water with me too. The other Thursday I bought at the Hospital Coffee Shop some lunch: A Gourmet Salad! It was very much to my liking:



Peter had to be at the Cancer Care Centre of Wollongong Hospital by 9,30 in the morning. We arrived early and I had a cup of tea in the waiting room. Peter was of course not allowed to have any drink before his treatment.

The other day a nice tea lady gave me a delicious biscuit. I took a picture of the wrapping to remember the brand name for I want to try and buy it somewhere. It tasted so very nice.!


From 2 pm to nearly 5 pm I played Scrabble and Rummy with my lady friends. (Same as always on a Friday.)  I was back home by 5 pm. Then from around 6 pm to 11 pm we had constant thunder and lightning. Sometimes it came very, very close! Peter and I gave TV a miss last night and just spent some time with playing Rummy with our Rummy tiles. Peter won this time. This made him very happy!

It rained through the night and most of the morning. Very good rain for the garden!