Diary: Last Monday in May 2019

This being the last Monday of the month, the residents and some ex-residents of our complex are going to have a get-together for afternoon tea/coffee just to stay in touch and talk a bit about past times too. This afternoon the ladies are coming to my place. These days we are usually only about half a dozen women for these meetings.

Peter has today  a very busy day again with medical appointments. He has been for some test procedures here in Dapto. This lasted for a few hours early in the morning, He is home now but has to leave again at 12 o’clock. An appointment with his cardiologist has been brought forward. The medical profession seems to think that it is urgent that the cardiologist does something for Peter if this is at all possible. A procedure in hospital, that had been planned for next month and would have had involved being under anaesthetics for about an hour, was cancelled. The anaesthetist reckons this kind of anaesthetics would be far too dangerous for Peter.

For next Thursday Peter has an appointment with the doctor of the Wollongong Cancer Centre. Peter wants me to go with him to hear what the doctor has to say about further treatment that might be possible for Peter. Peter and I, we both think Peter’s health has not deteriorated over the past few months. Well, we’ll see, what the doctor has to say.

Yesterday I copied a blog of mine that I had published 6 years ago. It says a lot about my health problems at the time. Some of these health problems are still with me. Being 6 years older now, I wonder how much time really may be given to me and how well can I make use of the time that may still be given to me.


Some of my readers may be aware how much I hate being lied to. Maybe it is difficult sometimes, to tell the whole truth. But outright lies? What sort of democracy is it, if people have to be lied to?

I inserted today a few links to articles regarding the fate of Julian Assange, here:





5 thoughts on “Diary: Last Monday in May 2019

  1. The present government is here because of lies, Uta. Even so, hopefully we will be still around at the next election. As for Assange, how spiteful our leaders have become. For goodness sake, Assange exposed what the Americans were/are up to. Where is our government it assisting Assange who is an Australian.?

    1. Regarding the fate of Julian Assange, Gerard, maybe you’d like to have a look at the links on this page:


      One post says: Australian government urged to intervene

      Another one has this heading: Indicting a journalist? What the new charges against Julian Assange mean for free speech

      And here you can find that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize:


  2. We hope that your medical problems get some relief, Uta and Peter. Helvi and I are forever anxiously waiting for a period without doctors snooping around so we can go on a holiday. Our elderly neighbours are going on a holiday to France and a Greek Island for 4 weeks. Perhaps one day we can go too.
    One consolation is that most of my bowling friends are in the same boat with all sorts of medical ‘issues’. It never stops.

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