The 21st of December 2018

Before we went to the cinema, we had a few snacks and coffee. We saw ‘The old man and the Gun’ with Robert Redford. It was quite hilarious how the bank-robber (Robert Redford) smiled at his victims and behaved like a ‘gentleman’. It is said this is Redford’s last movie.

The second movie we saw was ‘Colette’. I found it very interesting how Colette did become a famous author!

On the 21st of December 1956, that is 62 years ago, we saw in Berlin the following two movies together with Peter’s sister Ilse and brother-ilaw Klaus:

The Lady and the Tramp – Susi und Strolch:

We watched it in German and loved it so much!

A Morning at the Pool

And, please read today’s (13th Jan. 2014) update:

Yesterday, on Sunday, I went to the pool instead of going to church. It was another beautiful morning at the pool: Pleasantly warm, no wind. Just perfect for a relaxing swim. Peter declined to come to the pool with me. It was his old excuse about the pool water being much too cold for him! But later on he was waiting outside the swimming centre to walk home with me, which I enjoyed.

Having just reblogged last years pictures of Dapto swimming pool area I noticed with the pictures are some pictures of the Gala Cinema included. This reminds me, that on Saturday (two days ago) we went to see THE BOOK THIEF at the Gala. It was an afternoon session and this time there were quite a few people in the cinema to watch this excellent movie.

But back now to my attempts at keeping up a little bit of swimming. Over the Christmas period when we had family staying with us, I had several times the chance to go for a swim. With Martin and S we went to Wollongong Olympic outdoor pool on a warm morning when even Peter dared to have a dip in the water. The following day Martin and S walked to Dapto pool for a swim early in the morning. I opted out to go with them. I felt I needed a bit of a rest before all the Christmas celebrations would start.

On Christmas Day Matthew drove us to Port Kembla Pool. It was a shockingly cold morning and of course Peter just watched Matthew, Caroline and myself having a good swim. Peter joining us on such a very cold morning was out of the question. And I must say, the sea-water in the pool felt indeed very, very cold. I think Matthew and Caroline went to Port Kembla Pool again the following day, however this time without me. I did not fancy the strong cold wind at Port Kembla.

It’s now several weeks since Christmas, and I finally made it for a swim in the New Year at Dapto Swimming Pool. It is predicted that we are going to be into an extreme heatwave by the middle of this week. The middle of this week (Thursday) we’ll be going to another funeral same as around this time last year when we had a couple of days with temperatures of more than 45 C.

We are distressed that our very fit and healthy 82 year old neighbour all of a sudden died of a massive heart attack. Well, one never knows for whom the bell tolls.



I saw the doctor today. He let me off lightly: He said the blood-tests are okay but when he took my blood pressure it was a bit too high again. He gave me some more time to get my blood pressure down. If it doesn’t improve, he wants to prescribe medication. He was happy that there’s no more swelling and no more pain. Ah, and he said to go easy on salt in my diet and to walk frequently. So far so good. Actually, I can give myself a pat on the shoulder today because this afternoon I actually did go for a walk. I bet the doctor would be pleased about this!

A few weeks ago I walked to the pool early in the morning. Strolling along the way I took some pictures of some flowers in the gardens in front of people’s houses. I always enjoy looking at…

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Seeing “The Railway Man” at the DENDY on Sunday, 5th Jan.2014


Yesterday, Peter and I  went to see the ‘The Railwnay Man‘ at the Dendy Cinemas at the Quay, Sydney Harbour.

This movie is based on the best selling book by Eric Lomax. Colin Firth plays the older Eric Lomax and Jeremy Irvine is in the role of the young one who got captured by the Japanese in Singapore in 1942 and sent with his mates to the notorious ‘Death Railway’ in Thailand.

Patti Lomax (Nicole Kidman) turns out to be a wonderfully supportive wife of the older Eric.  Eric, as a 21 year old, is a British Signals Engineer and railway enthusiast. And of course he is in the British Army. The film depicts the sufferings that war veterans undergo even decades after the events. The sufferings occur on both sides, the oppressed as well as the oppressors. It shows the absolute trauma that wars can inflict on the participants. It also shows how sufferings can be abbreviated by enemies becoming friends.

This movie was psychologically quite challenging. The torture scenes were immensely distressing, however necessary to understand the full impact of the sufferings these people had to go through; and not just in a physical but all over in a psychological sense as well.

The acting all around was truly first class. Jonathan Teplitzky created a very powerful film with ‘The Railway Man’ with an elite cast. And it is based on a true story!

The DENDY CINEMAS are going to show soon ‘The Book Thief’. This movie we definitely want to see as well. This is another story going back some seventy years.

It was great to be out in Sydney yesterday on a beautiful warm summer’s day. Since it was Sunday, I went to the 7,30 am Mass. The Epiphany was celebrated a day early. Peter picked me up after Mass, and we went to do half an hour’s shopping. We picked up a lot of bananas and some stone fruit among a few other things. At 10,29 we caught the train to Sydney. The movie started at 2 pm. That gave us a bit of time to enjoy the wonderful summer Sunday around Sydney harbour. Peter took a lot of pictures and I took only a few. Here now are some of the pictures.




IMG_0232 (2)









Thursday Outing


We had a twelve hour day yesterday: Leaving our home a bit before seven in the morning and returning a bit before seven at night. We actually caught the 7,15 train from Dapto, changed trains at Refern (one stop before Central). From Redfern we caught the Western Line train to Newtown. In Newtown is one of our favourite cinemas. Since we’ve been there last time the complex was enlarged. They have now ten cinemas within the building!

Arriving at Newtown Station, Peter straight away took a whole lot of pictures along the way to the DENDY Cinema. Onece at the DENDY we noticed the milkbar had already opened. So we took seats to have a cup of flat white. We also ordered some delicious fruit salad, which we shared.

The movie was a German movie called ‘Barbara’. It was in German with English subtitles. Only a handful of people watched it with us. We thought this movie was very well made. The main actors were really, really good. They were both medical doctors working in a hospital in the northern parts of Germany at the time of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). They had a very miserable life. Under what conditions people had to work in the GDR. is very truthfully and realistically brought to life in this movie. Peter said, he can’t understand how people can feel nostalgic about a place like this! Maybe a lot of people tend to remember the things that have been good in the GDR and choose to forget the constant harassing. This is why they don’t care to think about it how in those days they could very easily be deprived of their freedom, meaning you could end up in jail or be taken in for questioning again and again. You were not able to trust anyone, for everyone could be a spy who wanted to dob you in for offences against the state of the workers.
















On the way back to the station we talked a lot about the movie we had just seen. We decided we’d go by train back to Redfern and from there catch a fast train to Parramatta. At Parramatta Station we had a quick lunch. We then took the free bus as far as the Ferry Station at Parramatta river. However we didn’t venture down to the wharf but went to the foot-bridge instead which lead us to the other side of the river.

According to the map which Peter had printed out, it would be only a short walk to where the Aged Care Facility was once we had crossed the river. It turned out to be another twenty minutes for me in the heat of the early afternoon. In the end I got quite stressed and hot. However we found the place we were looking for, no worries. It turned out to be a huge place with a lot of wards, similar to a hospital. David was in a two-bed room. His room-mate was outside somewhere. But David lay in bed. Apparently he lies in bed most of the time. He smokes only two cigs a day. A nurse takes him outside in a wheelchair for this.

David was quite happy to see us. A few of his things which we had found amongst all of Gaby’s stuff, we handed over to David. He kept everything in his room to look at it later. We told David we’d see him again around the time of this birthday. He said he was looking forward to see his brother Anthony and sister Ann soon.

On the way back to the station we noticed a crowd in front of a huge building. We don’t know whether it was a demonstration or a fire-drill.








We could have gone down to the wharf to catch a ferry to the city and go from there back home by train. But it was getting a bit too late for this. So we just caught the free bus back to Parramatta Station and went home from there. We did the ferry trip quite a few times over the years. It’s lovely to travel to the city all the way on the water. Sure we’d like to do this again some other time. I’m sure there’s going to be another time.

What do I anticipate?


Here’s our Buddha. He seems to be happy enough in this wilderness area near our house. Being the 5th Sunday of Lent today, I should have attended Mass. However so far I didn’t go out at all yet. This afternoon we’re off to neighbouring Warrawong to watch Steven Spielberg’s Movie about LINCOLN.

So far so good. I am very happy that I am very much pain-free today. Tomorrow I’ll have to see the doctor about the test results. I anticipate the blood-test is going to show that I am okay.

What else do I anticipate? Well, I anticipate that I’ll probably live for another five or ten years. I also anticipate that I might perhaps even be able to venture on another overseas trip when I am in my eighties!

For next month I anticipate that we’re going to see the family over Easter and that Peter and I are going to enjoy our planned trip to Victoria. The beautiful warm summer weather will be gone by then. However I am looking forward to see a bit of the country side and then be spending a few days with family in Melbourne.