The 21st of December 2018

Before we went to the cinema, we had a few snacks and coffee. We saw ‘The old man and the Gun’ with Robert Redford. It was quite hilarious how the bank-robber (Robert Redford) smiled at his victims and behaved like a ‘gentleman’. It is said this is Redford’s last movie.

The second movie we saw was ‘Colette’. I found it very interesting how Colette did become a famous author!

On the 21st of December 1956, that is 62 years ago, we saw in Berlin the following two movies together with Peter’s sister Ilse and brother-ilaw Klaus:

The Lady and the Tramp – Susi und Strolch:

We watched it in German and loved it so much!

12 thoughts on “The 21st of December 2018

      1. Y’know, Uta…I wonder on what we have traded away just for the “convienience’…I suppose we all wanted to live longer and easier….but then I wonder……is it just a fairytale..

  1. As I said, we watched ‘Giant’in Berlin in December 1956. I found out in Wikipedia that the film was only released in 1956!

    The film was a double feature (201 minutes). I think there was an intermission half way through. Watching this film was a big event for us at the time. Not so long ago Peter tried to watch it again, but was so disgusted by the character that James Dean played that he soon turn the movie off and did not watch it anymore. — Today I watched several trailers of that movie. Now look at Dean as Jett Rink in ‘Giant’. I must say, as a very young woman I was quite impressed by James Dean

    1. As far as ‘The old man and the Gun’ goes, I must say that Robert Redford really does look very old, but still it is a pleasure seeing him in that movie. He is still such a charmer! πŸ™‚

    1. Hot cross buns and Easter eggs for Christmas, Gerard? I think ginger bread Christmas trees are on sale at Easter time or maybe all through the year! And so it goes . . . . πŸ™‚
      Peter and I are so lucky that we can still enjoy food. Our bodies may deteriorate because of old age, but the food still tastes good!! And resting and sleeping still feels good too. These are the pleasures of old age . . . πŸ™‚

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