Uta’s Childhood Memories


Our Child – this is the title of a book Mum used for recording notes about my development.

Here are some of the notes:

Friday, 5th October 1934, Uta 14 days old and for the fi

8 thoughts on “Uta’s Childhood Memories

  1. Funny you found them, Aunty Uta! My mother also kept a journal of our “beginnings.” All five of us! I thought it was because she was trained and worked early on as a registered nurse and that it’s second nature for them to keep records of observations and concerns. Now, I think it’s more than that!

    1. Mum kept two more books like this one for my two younger brothers. If I’m not mistaken she wrote into my brothers’ books slightly less.. I think she took of the younger children also less baby pictures. It seems the first child in a family is usually somewhat more privileged.

      It’s great that your Mum kept up the journaling for the five of you! Thank you, Mary-Ann, for commenting. I love your visits!

  2. Aww, this was so much fun Aunty Uta! Now we know more about your early development 🙂 I think you started walking pretty fast! And I do wonder what you meant by ‘wau wau’ 😀
    The picture of you and your mother is simply beautiful, wish it was bigger though so we could see it properly.
    How did you manage to unearth this journal?? I’m amazed it’s been preserved unharmed.

  3. ‘Wau, wau’ is the barking of the dog and all dogs were named by me ‘wau, wau’. There are a few ‘wau, wau’ pictures in my album which I can publish pretty soon because I know now how to scan pictures. It’s a relief I can mostly do it all by myself now, don’t have to constantly ask hubby for help any more.

    The little ‘journal’ book (Mein Kind) is still pretty much intact. What my mother wrote in German I tried to tranlate into English. The big photo album with all my childhood pictures in it has sufferred quite a bit over the years. This is why I’m happy that I can scan now those pictures that are worth preserving. Who knows, maybe some of my descendants will eventually be getting a thrill out of seeing all this stuff? Anyhow, it’s great fun doing this blogging.

    Thanks very much for commenting, Munira.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Bookjunkie. Yes, I think Mum always attracted a lot of attention. And her sister too for that matter. My Aunty Elsa (Ilse).

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