Botanic Gardens (continued)

This is my husband's favorite picture from that day
This is my husband’s favorite picture from that day

As I said in my previous post it was Saturday, 20th October this year (2012) when we visited the Botanic Gardens in Berlin with our dear friend. Peter, my husband, took many more pictures on that day. So I can publish a few more now. Most of the previous pictures were taken by Peter as well.DSCN4792DSCN4794DSCN4795DSCN4798DSCN4797DSCN4799
DSCN4800DSCN4801DSCN4802We had walked for quite a while through these beautiful gardens. I was glad I had bought a bottle of water at the entrance. I really needed this water after walking so much. Our friend then told me she knew a place where I got get rid of the empty bottle for recycling. Here are the ‘recycling’ bins which appeared on our way:DSCN4804DSCN4803DSCN4805

DSCN4806Obviously someone had been very creative with the writing on these bins!

9 thoughts on “Botanic Gardens (continued)

    1. The temperature, dear Mary-Ann, was very pleasant on that day: Mostly sunny, no wind.

      Two days later we had planned on visiting ‘Schloss Sans Souci’. However the weather had changed dramatically. It was cold and very wet. We didn’t feel like going out in the rain and stayed home that day. But overall we were lucky with the weather in Berlin. There weren’t many rainy or windy days. Usually we had quite a bit of sunshine.

  1. So lovely to read about the botanical garden. I’ve thought to visit some day but never found the right time. But now as I’m inspired should find the time. After you visited my blog, I was curious to visit yours. It’s nice to read about your adventures.

    1. So lovely to hear from you, Astrid, I just made a comment on your blog about Christmas markets. I published the comment under ‘anonymous’ since I had problems inserting my ‘username’. I don’t know what went wrong.
      You sure need a bit of time for the Botanic Gardens in Berlin. And you need a lot of extra time to visit the huge Tropical Greenhouse there! But it’s really worth a visit.

  2. What does ‘vulgus’ mean, as in ‘glasus vulgus’? Just curious!! It seems enough to say “glass”

    1. Thanks for asking, Noeleen. Well, actually it seems to me all the expressions are a bit of a joke by the ‘Berliner Stadtreinigung’. They are the people who are responsible for a clean city. I guess with these jokes on the bins they want to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.
      For ‘Restmüll’ for instance which means left over rubbish or trash, they say

      I guess they add the ending ‘us’ to make it sound as though it was Latin, which of course it isn’t.
      ‘Wegwerfen’ is a German word and means ‘to throw out’.
      And what is left over is just the ‘rest’ of the whole lot.

      I wouldn’t know what ‘glasus vulgus’ stands for except that it is indicated that glass and bottles should go in this particular bin!

      Klaudia, who was with us on that day, couldn’t wait to show us all the bins. She had seen these bins before. She promised us some funny things would be written on them. We regarded the writing to be funny indeed and straightaway recorded it by taking pictures.

    1. Hi, Inigo! So lovely to hear from you. We were in this place only a few weeks ago. And guess what it looks right now? I bet it’s covered in snow, imagine beautiful fresh snow everywhere!
      We’ve seen on the news that Berlin had recently a lot of snow. That’s why I imagine the Berlin Botanic Gardens being covered in snow right now. I wouldn’t mind taking a few snow pictures! However I really like the autumn pictures a lot too. I’m glad I could be in Berlin in autumn and take a lot of pictures.

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