Swimming is good Exercise, but not today

These are just some of the signs at the entrance to the pool.

A balmy morning during an Australian summer. I hadn’t been to  Dapto pool for quite some time. I thought today was the day. I remembered the school swimming carnival must have been on last week. I could then definitely hear voices from the announcements on the loudspeakers, which would mean the school swimming carnival was on. I knew from experience when this was on at the beginning of each year there was no chance at all to do any swimming in one of the lanes. All the lanes would be preserved for school children. So far so good. The school carnival was over, or was it? I was to find out soon enough.

I had planned to walk the short distance to the pool. However I did get delayed. Couldn’t find my swimmers. Took me ages to find them. Had absolutely no idea where on earth they ended up after my last swim  a long, long time ago. Anyhow when I finally was dressed in my swimmers ready to walk to the pool, the sun had been out for a while already. The temperature was approaching 27 C (80 F). Peter suggested he was to drive me to the pool, pointing out it was already a bit too hot for me to be walking all the way.

Gee, I was very relieved Peter had offered to drive me. When we arrived at the swimming center the parking lot was packed full. So many cars  on a weekday morning! This could only mean there was another swimming competition on. I took my camera out of the car and went to check. The swimming competition seemed to be well on its way. I took a few pictures and then when straight away back home with Peter who had been waiting for me.

Not only the car-park but also the street was packed full.
Not only the car-park but also the street was packed full.
Peter placed himself here to wait for me in the car.
Peter placed himself here to wait for me in the car.

I passed the outside wall of the building on the way to the entrance and noticed some beautiful paintings on the wall which I had not seen before. (This showed to me for how long I had not been this way!) So I took the opportunity to shoot some pictures.









The kiosk near the entrance was in business already.



A quick glance at the large pool and I was gone.



10 thoughts on “Swimming is good Exercise, but not today

    1. Walking along towards the entrance these paintings with the lovely bright colors caught my eye straight away. Couldn’t resist the temptation to take a few photos. Thanks for commenting, dear Robert. I’m glad you liked the pictures.

  1. Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag toller Text und wunderschöne Bilder,grüße dich mal lieb,heute scheint bei uns in Köln mal die Sonne Gott sei Dank,es wir Frühjahr.Grüß und alles Liebe Gislinde.

    1. Danke dir sehr für deine Grüsse, liebe Gislinde. Dienstag war ja der Swimming carnival, d.h. Schulkinder benutzten den Pool für ihr Wettschwimmen. Aber am Mittwochmorgen habe ich den Pool mal wieder ausprobieren können. Die Sonne kam durch, es war windstill und ca. 27 Grad. Einfach schön, sich etwas im Wasser zu bewegen! Ich habe sehr vorsichtige Übungen im Wasser gemacht, denn mein rechtes Knie ist immer noch nicht so 100%. Aber die Übungen im Wasser taten mir sehr gut. Ich hoffe, ich werde jetzt wieder öfters zum Pool gehen können, denn bei unserem Besuch in Deutschland war ich nicht dazu gekommen. Wir sind schon wieder drei Monate aus Deutschland zurück in Australien, aber diese drei Monate waren wir immer so beschäftigt, dass ich es einfach nicht zum Pool schaffte. Ich hoffe, dass wird jetzt wieder anders werden.
      Geniesse die Sonne, liebe Gislinde, wenn immer du Gelegenheit dazu hast. Wünsche dir auch noch einen angenehmen Mittwochabend! Uta.

  2. It’s great to think of you swimming under our gorgeous Australian sun… when you get to, that is.

    Peter is a wonderful partner. 🙂

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