Aunty Uta’s Diary

Frances arrives at our home.
Today Frances arrived for the last part of the interview.

All went well. Now we have to wait for just a few weeks before we’ll be sent the finished disks. Not that I’m looking forward to listening to my recorded voice! Thanks to all the encouragement I have been given by Frances, I survived the interviews. But I’m glad it’s over now. Talking to Frances was great. I very much liked our conversations.  It was just a bit difficult at times  knowing  what I said was being recorded. Still it was overall a good, enjoyable experience. Frances always tried to put me at ease before the recordings and helped me along by asking relevant questions. 

I was able to go to the pool yesterday. The water was wonderful. Did do me a lot of good. I hope I can soon go there again. I was told, tomorrow, Friday, another school carnival will be going on. However for next week no further carnivals are scheduled.

6 thoughts on “Aunty Uta’s Diary

  1. Now you really are part of Australia’s history! This is a great idea, wonderful for future generations with no idea of what life was like in the past. I’m so glad you had the courage to go along and do t.

  2. This is hugely valuable, Aunty Uta, just like Catterel says. You surely know, I believe wholly in capturing your life while you’re in it, for others to know in years to come what it was like. This is so interesting – excellent!

    1. Invigorating – very much so, dear IT. I wished I had the stamina to go there more often.

      Yesterday Peter and I went to Merrylands West again taking some more stuff out of the house. Gaby’s portable ramp, her portable respirator and a box full of stuff for the respirator was still left in Gaby’s room. We found an address where all this had come from and took it there. It meant we did a trip to another Western Sydney suburb.

      Most of things that were still left in the house, Peter took to a close by opp-shop. He had to do several trips because our car is only small.

      After an exhausting eight hour day we were glad to be home again. The villa is completely empty now and ready to be renovated for the next disabled occupant.

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