Sea Cliff Bridge, Monday, 16th September


RIMG0407 RIMG0410 We had dared to leave the car to take a walk across the bridge. It did not rain very much, just a drizzle. Three people, one man and two women, came along the footpath of the bridge from the opposite direction. They stopped at this spot where some beautiful fresh flowers had been left. People leave flowers near the road where an accidental death has occurred, do they not? In this instance when we spotted the flowers we were thinking maybe someone had committed suicide by jumping off the bridge into the ocean underneath. This bridge seems to be an ideal spot for people wanting to jump. We had seen ‘Help Signs’ along the bridge where suicidal people are encouraged to use ‘Lifeline’. RIMG0402 When I passed the three people who had stopped near the flowers, the man turned around and looked at me. I asked him whether he knew what had happened, whether someone had jumped. He answered. it had been an accident on a motorbike. Happened only two days ago on Saturday. He explained his 39 year old son had been speeding and was thrown out of the curve on the road of the bridge. Of course this man looked very distressed telling me this story and I said how sorry I was. Later on I told our son and Peter about it. Our son Martin, who had been driving us, said there would probably be some marks on the road where that motor-bike rider had been thrown out of the curve. And true enough when we looked for these marks on our way back, we could see them. They were still there despite the rain.


Information about the Bridge
Information about the Bridge

Martin and L had been visiting us from Sunday till Tuesday. Martin had rented a car at the airport. On that Monday he drove us first to the Bridge and then to Bulli Beach where we had a look at the Tourist Park. It was getting close to lunch-time. So we had some hot drinks and some fair dinkum Aussie food at the Tourist Park Coffee Shop.

Peter had this Hamburger.
Peter had this Hamburger.

We had a wonderful long weekend with our visitors. Our two daughters came to visit with their partners. On Sunday we went out for lunch, on Tuesday we had a home cooked meal with sauerkraut which everyone liked. The weather was terrible. Especially on Monday it was turning into a huge downpour all afternoon and right through the night. We were lucky that very early in the morning we had managed to go to Dapto’s open air solar heated pool. L swam 20 laps and Martin ‘only’ 12. He said he was a bit out of practice. I also had a lovely swim. Peter did not want to go to the pool. That meant he had a chance to sleep in a bit.

On Tuesday we went for some beautiful walks along the lake. The rain had eased off, just a bit of a drizzle from time to time. No sunshine whatsoever. Still we enjoyed our walks. Only Tuesday afternoon, when Martin and L had to leave for the airport, the sun finally came out to brighten the day.

12 thoughts on “Sea Cliff Bridge, Monday, 16th September

  1. Very sobering, Aunty Uta. I feel so much for the parent. To lose someone so suddenly, so horribly. Really awful.

    I have never heard of Lifeline messages along a bridge – I think that’s great. Yet when I was in that place, truly, I could not think, I could not see, I only wanted death. But if people can ring and it makes a difference, then that is an amazing service.

    1. Well, Noeleen, I actually did not notice a phone on the bridge. I guess most people would have a mobile.To be reminded that there is someone they can talk to might be of help anyway even if they cannot get to a phone straight away.
      This guy who got killed while speeding may not have been suicidal. Who knows what drove him to be speeding like this? Didn’t he realise there was a huge curve in the road coming up?
      Yes, how truly awful for his father and all his family.

    1. No, Christov, we do not know what the future brings and who might be involved in an accident or driven to suicide.
      Today, while we were travelling on the train to Sydney, there was a delay of over one hour because someone had been hit by another train further up on our line. Thousands of people had to be transferred onto buses to continue their journey. It took quite a while I guess before the line could be cleared.

  2. wwhenever I see flowers like that I think maybe we should be giving them to the living and not to the dead/ give them to someone with love from yourself in memory of the dead one, but let the livung enjoy them

    1. Spots like these, Sidey, remind me of memorials for soldiers who died in war zones. Wreath laying ceremonies are very meaningful to a lot of people in remembering the dead.

  3. A sad start to your blog Auntyuta,always make you slow down and think when you see flowers or crosses on the side of the road, I recall seeing about 30 crosses al in one corner when I was in Chile, we think it may have been a bus accident for that many crosses.
    Good that the weather is not deterring you from getting out and enjoying life.

    1. Hi Ian, for the past eight days we have had no more rain! 🙂
      I’m usually doing very early morning walks now for it is getting quite warm during the day. Feels already like summer, which I like.
      The three days spent with our son and his wife were very enjoyable. Yes, we still enjoy life as much as possible. 🙂

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